Any Dragon's Dogma fans?


I have a theory(a bad theory) that with the re-release of Dark Arisen on Xbone and PS4 they’re priming us to either drop Dragon’s Dogma in the west OR DD2. This is pretty hype. Big if true. Etc. Do you guys have any fond memories of killing cyclopes or doing front flips through town? Any great screenshots? I’m always giddy about the “this is fine” look of this cyclops as I light him on fire.


The first time I went into the dungeon under the pawns guild I was a ranger & ran into the ogre. Being the big beast that it is I thought, “Okay, I’ll grab on to that and stab it a bunch” which I did. My pawns quickly ended up pushing it up to the edge of the spiral walkway & it ended up stepping backwards, with me still on it & fell off the edge despite my desperate attempts to jump off in time. I thought I had died & lost about…an hours worth of progress when I realized I hadn’t gotten a game over screen. I turned the camera around & saw my character hanging off the ledge we had just fallen off, perfectly safe while the ogre’s body lay in the floor below.

That was probably the moment it became my favorite game.

If only Dragon’s Dogma coming to XBO & PS4 means that Dragon’s Dogma Online finally makes it to the west. (If only)

'Dragon's Dogma,' a Great Game No One Played, Hits Xbox, PS4 on October 3

fun fact: I rode the cyclops in this very screenshot off the ledge to my own pseudo oblivion(thank god the game is generous with that stuff). I can remember almost every big bad fight I’ve had in the game that I took screencaps of. Every encounter is great. The first time I fought GARM he mauled my entire party before I’d realized what was happening.


yes! i love it so much, i had such a good time. my wonderful big strong girlfriend keelah is still in my heart forever, thank you for looking after me. (i was a teeny tiny rogue lady called selai)

pawns were such a wonderful system
best character creator
best… just, best running & jumping about? - it’s my favourite game to just move around in, it feels so good.

best fast-travel system - although not as developed as it should have been in the original game (only getting 1 port crystal) - the idea of setting down your own fast-travel points wherever you like is wonderful. really engaging, like staking out your territory, developing a little network of safety.

best spells, best anime-ass end-game developments.

best wonky, half-developed characters. a weird sense of uneasy unreality to everyone? because heck knows what is even going to happen. are you supposed to be a human?

yes please.


When you play through on new game plus and you’re like “wait DID HE KNOW ALL ALONG”


More than any other game in my opinion Dragon’s Dogma evokes that feeling of “We are going on an adventure!”. So many little details like the movement of the characters or the environment itself. Enemies feel dangerous & running out of supplies is scary & when you get stuck in a forest you’ve never been to before, at night, with the smallest sliver of health left, & only one of your pawns left it’s probably the most exhilarating feeling when you finally reach an encampment or friendly outpost.

In NG+ I made my pawn my playable character & having her face my previous Arisen at the very end felt more emotional than I think the developers intended.


I haven’t played it in a while, had it sitting on my ssd since that glorious pc port came out. However OP i think you alluded to this but i’d like to posit the idea that they are doing this mainly to see if they can bring dragon’s dogma online over. They said they would if enough content was there to justify it yadda yadda yadda BUT interest has to be gauged. personally i’d play the fk out of it but i don’t exactly have a direct line to capcom, if i did i would tell em daily to revive onimusha.


Dragon’s Dogma is so enjoyable. The character creator is one of the exceptionally few games in which I can play as a fat woman, with fat arms and legs to match. Most of the time I can choose between ‘thin’ and ‘thin with big boobs’, or very excitingly ‘wide hips, thin waist, and big boobs’. It gets a little tiring, so I really appreciate it. Also, I love a lot of the hair options, there’s some pretty ones.

Some of the classes are quite a lot of fun; rogue-mage hybrids are always favourites of mine and I’m glad that option exists. I think the combat system is fun as heck, and it can be challenging.

I’d be happy to see DDO come over to the West, even if I don’t play MMOs, just to see if more people get into the series. And maybe spark enough interest/revenue to justify a DD2.


I got DD on PS3 years ago through PS+ and never touched it. That said, hearing everyone praise the game in light of the rerelease makes me want to check it out. Any tips for a beginner?


Here’s something I never forgot because it caught me off guard, the world state moves with the main quest. meaning that side things disappear as the world state moves to its next stage so my advice is to do anything that strikes your fancy before dicking with the main quest. There was a quest involving Witchwood early on that stuck to me to this day and if i had just followed the main quest blindly I never would have seen it and what made the game become so special to me.


oh boy! that’s something.

you’re so right & i don’t think a game has made me feel that adventurey way until zelda this year actually.
although zelda is like, we’re going on an adventure!
and dd is more like, we’re going on an adventure


One of the best parts of the game is the game will usually tell you beforehand if you are about to pass a point of no return so you can finish up any quests right before you advanced the story further. Also don’t feel pressured to complete every side quest there are a lot and while some are really good there are a lot of escort & fetch quests that are just tedious.


I’m actually bad at seeing those markers so to me it was a bit…well…odd.
But you are correct and i’d like to reiterate that the side things that take you on adventures are as important as the main quest in terms of experiencing the feel of it all. (i say this mainly for @Navster)


I am a bit of a completionist, so all this seems right up my alley. Thanks for the tips!

@Moom Any way to differentiate the side quest wheat from the chaff?


Quests given by players tend to be pretty good but you can also find quests on a quest board in the world & those usually are just fetch quests, kill x # quests, and escort missions (which tend to be pretty good). Unless you are like me & accept one without realizing & end up taking a defenseless NPC with limited health into high level dungeons before realizing what you’ve done & rushing back out to take them to their rightful destination in a panic as you are trying to avoid any and all enemies for an entire day/nigh cycle.


I thoroughly believe this entire recounting is why most of us fell in love with the thing in the first place
It isn’t because all of the mechanics were blablabla or this and that and marketable this but because the entire production felt like they were just having US encounter stuff like that. Our own stories.


You will beat the game and miss 50% of the content. Don’t feel bad about that. Don’t feel like you didn’t do enough. The game is designed so that you can finish it as fast as you want to a certain extent, because NG+'s are so good. That being said, play at your own pace, understand that without knowledgeable panws, you simply won’t know where some quests want you to go.


“Some of you won’t be returning”


I want to believe in DD2. There was the news last year that Capcom were using the Steam port to gauge interest in a sequel, and with it being Capcom’s fastest-selling PC game as well as Itsuno tweeting about announcing a new game this year… I fully expect DmC 5 to be announced at E3.


I can’t wait to try out the re-release this year. Its been a game that ive desperately wanted to play, but due to changing platforms from console to pc then pc to next gen, i had left this game behind. I’m glad its caught up with my platform of choice