Any Dragon's Dogma fans?


Reviving this topic because I bought this game and have played a few hours and I was ready to give up on it, but this topic has given me new insights so I’m ready to go into it again with fresh eyes!

My thoughts so far:
The CC is sublime. All games with CC should have similar body options! I also love that you were able to create your own main companion.

This game allows for some good moments, like when you climb onto the back of big monsters and manage to get onto their head and pummel down on them is just so good. You also get such a rush when you defeat a giant or chimera. This game is teaching me not to run away and be a (sensible) coward.

Still…I feel like the game is not super great at explaining the details. It took me a while to figure out that summoned pawns do not level up, and that I cannot reload manual saves. I think all of the information is there, it’s just hidden behind menus and I don’t think it’s in the manual either? I also didn’t realize what the port crystal was for until I read this topic (“but doesn’t this make sense if you read the description?” True, but I thought this was a rare item that couldn’t be reused so I was very stingy with it.) So far I haven’t been able to find a quick button for opening the map, which is a small thing but definitely a pet peeve. Perhaps it’s just me being used to similar games approaching these matters in different ways, but I’m not always too fond of it. I know this game has a learning curve, it might just not be the appropriate learning curve for me to have fun with it.


Sorry for posting in this topic without responding to why you bumped it, but, quick question: are there many snakes in the game past the first few hours? I killed that big multi-headed one… Please, someone, tell me that’s most of the snakes in this game.


I think that boss shows up in maybe two side missions? It may be in some story mission I’ve forgotten but I don’t think so. Sometimes there are regular snakes hanging around in caves and stuff but you can pretty much ignore them and run by, they’re kinda hard to see anyway. Does a chimera’s tail like from the intro count? Those are probably the most common snakey kinda thing you’ll see.


On a separate note I desperately want more games to incorporate layered clothing systems that are designed well enough to prevent clipping issues. My only gripe with DD is weapons floating on backs so I play fighter a lot.


Adding to what MechaSlam said: the Hydra shows up in that mission, an optional postgame mission (called “a challenge”, you get it from the mission board in the starting town), and it or an upgraded version can appear in optional boss arenas in certain areas. The only time you actually need to fight it is in that one appearance.
Chimeras are much more common, being required fights in two late story missions (plus the tutorial one), regularly appearing in the wild, and pretty common in the DLC dungeon Bitterblack Isle. If their tails bother you you’re kind of out of luck, unfortunately.


There are some small snakes too in caverns and such and they can scare you because they’re usually a bit camouflaged. They’re one hit kills though.


And to anyone reading this thread who doesn’t like spiders (like me) while they are easier to see & more common than snakes, they are also one hit kills & there are no giant spiders at all. They also are never on walls & I never saw them walk which is what bugs me about them the most. As a person who had to stop playing the Hobbit because of the spiders these spiders are AOK.


Good to hear that the one giant snake (hydra) was the only unavoidable one of those. I’ll be sure to skip the optional encounters. As for the smaller ones and the chimera’s tale, they weren’t as in my face as the hydra with the cutscene where, after you killed it, the thing attacks the camera anyway. I SHOULD’VE SEEN IT COMING!

Thanks, all!


Just going through this thread was a nice walk down memory lane. I had completely forgotten about quests disappearing as you progressed - a pain point for me at the time. Still blown away by the ending and the implications it had.


I know this isn’t a tech thread but if anyone knows why the PC version crashes every 45 minutes for me that would be great.

I want to get into Dragon’s Dogma. I have had multiple starts getting a few hours in and then saying “THIS IS TOO MUCH” and then thinking I’ll solve the issue in a month. The world and mechanics are neat. Pawns? Love me some pawns.


I would try disabling steam overlay and see if that helps


I honestly had a boat-load of fun with this game, I’d been severely missing a good action RPG and it scratched that itch entirely. I honestly don’t even recall what the major complaints of the game were, it was fun to play and I enjoyed the characters.

Screens, going to try and spoiler tag the later ones just in case:


I’m well overdue a replay of this. I accidentally ended up with the wrong wife first run, which is one of the greatest phrases I have ever typed. This game’s ability to be consistently odd from start to finish is spectacular. It’s absolutely gripping.


The exact same thing happened to me, re: wrong partner got chosen. All because I did a quest right before the big fight but I forgot to go back and talk to the person that I actually wanted to end up in the role. Which led to a hilarious instance where the NPC I did the quest for showed up in the cutscene and I almost immediately told the dragon that I was fine sacrificing them, since it was a character I didn’t actually like. And then went back and actually did it proper.


I got Fournival (the old merchant dude) like three times in a row, including a playthrough where I did not actually talk to him. Literally had him executed just so he’d stop marrying me. Dragon’s Dogma is a hell of a game.


I ended up with the witch Pawn in the forest, despite offering a fuckton of skulls to every member of that lady-bandit camp so they’d all like me, and about 4 times as many to their leader. Wasn’t too fussed since I like that pawn lady though, and I think she gives some unique dialogue at the end of that game, which was cute.


I played the Dark Arisen release on PS3 and cannot wait for the rerelease on PS4. I’m hoping, like it seems a lot of us are, that this is a way of gauging interest in a sequel. I’m definitely down to buy this one again. I have really fond memories of roaming the countryside with my wif—I mean pawn.

I have a habit of creating narratives for my created characters. One of my playthroughs I actually based my main and my pawn off of a pair of characters from some fiction I’d been writing at the time. This game lent itself to that kind of thinking really well, imo.

Also, I just really really like the combat.


Selene was the person I actually wanted to end up as the beloved and she does indeed have unique dialogue. I felt like her character arc wraps up really nicely if her and the arisen end up together. Other than the whole, you know… getting kidnapped by the Dragon thing.

Honestly, my only real issue with the game is that it should check to see which NPC has the Arisen’s Bond and use them for that section, and if no NPC has it THEN use whoever has the highest affinity. Even if that means Arisen’s Bond is basically just superseding an entire game system.


man, reading this thread is making me want to play through that game again and try to do all the sidequests this time, which i almost managed on my first run aside from like 2-3 latter-game quests. i apparently also don’t have steam achievements for a lot of the dlc bosses which is weird because i definitely beat that entire thing.


Saw Austin Retweet this article from Rock Paper Shotgun on how to play Dragon’s Dogma Online & it straight up sounds incredible & wish I had the means to play. A Waypoint guild would be choice.