Any fans of Interrobang recommend similar podcasts?


Now that it’s ended, I’d love to find something else to listen to that includes that same blend of social discussion and kindness and I’m not really sure where to look. Has anyone else found something they love? Thank you.


Really good question… There was definitely a sense of release with optimistic outlook with that podcast which I can’t find elsewhere. :frowning:

There are two podcasts that remotely come close, but not really in the same vein. One of them is Untitled: the Adam Savage project. it’s more engineering related since it is a team of Tested, but there is definitely a lot of kindness that I could feel from it.

The second one is Surprisingly Nice with Travis and Hall. It is more of an interview show, but as the title suggests it tries to be a bit more upbeat.


Thanks! I’ll give them a listen.