Any interest in forming and naming an unofficial Waypoint Community Destiny Clan with me?


Hi everyone,

A number of folks on the forums have been organizing and getting together to play some Destiny raids. It turns out that a lot of us had never experienced this game cooperatively before. While looking for others to play with online can be a daunting experience, Destiny gets a lot better when playing together with friends.

When the Rise of Iron dlc came around, Bungie revamped its online and in-game group/clan interface and allowed players to easily see and contact fellow clan members within the game. I figured that the Waypoint forum community could use this feature to facilitate organizing activites, to take part in a group of like-minded Destiny players and to make playing online coop less daunting. I reached out to the Waypoint staff and mods and we agreed that the clan would be an unofficial Waypoint community guild.

  • Are you interested in joining this clan? I assume that it could also (hopefully) easily carry into Destiny 2, so members could already have a group of people ready to play with when it comes out.

  • Can you help me find a name and a clan tag for the group? Waypoint staff and mods would like to avoid having “Waypoint” in the clan name, but an identifier like a site related joke/reference/meme would be totally okay. The clan would also need a 2 to 4 letter tag that would appear next to your user names in the leader boards and mission summaries of the game.

Once we have a name, I’ll start composing the clan rules of conduct and guidelines, as well as clear instructions on how to join and who to get in touch with.

So here are my first clan name and tag suggestions: Creamy Rolls [ROLL], The Cultural Marxists [MARX], Popplio Pals [PALS].

Ok thanks!

Let's do some Destiny raids
Naming the 2nd unofficial Waypoint Community Destiny (PC) Clan

I’m very interested in a Waypoint Destiny clan, and I absolutely 100% vote for [PALS].


Still definitely interested in joining this. Popplio Pals would be a very good name.


May I also suggest creating a community for the PS4 players? I’m not sure what options Xbox has, but communities are good for peeps like me who have a clan with some friends but would be interested in playing with people from the forums!

some more name ideas: Joel’s Angels(since Joel is the waypointer most into Destiny) [JOEL] or maybe something to do with a love of the grimoire? I’m also into popplio pals!


Also Cultral Marxists Club [CLUB] might be good


I checked last night, and there’s a PSN community for Waypoint, but it didn’t look like it was too active. We could all congregate there to liven it up, or just start a new community for our Destiny playing. Or both!


Clan name: "Is Destiny a Sandwich?"
Tag: [IDS?]


Name idea: Does Cayde-6 Fuck? [DC6F]

Mostly joking.


Feel free to use the existing group to do destiny things!

Also, will be interested in this when. Des2ny rolls around.

Name suggestion:
Digital Pyramids [DIGI]
And [PALS]


I’m gonna down vote Creamy Roll for being too sexual and Cultral Marxists Club for being a tad more political than it needs to be. It’s a fun joke but a bit too serious a topic for people to be jokingly running around under at least for my tastes


Formally submitting “The Righteous Vanguard [IBEX]”


I want Sad Robots Club


Very interested in joining the clan, not bothered by the name…though “Sad Robots Club” sounds great :smile:


I’m definitely interested in joining the clan! I’m really bad at naming things though. The best I’ve thought up so far is Friends at the Tower [FATT].


Don’t sell yourself short, [FATT] is my favorite so far.


That’s a solid choice


I like it. I’d go with it.


I love this idea a lot, it works for both people that are in or out of the reference it makes.


It’s like Phatt with an f!


I would love to finally be in a clan. I personally find Cultural Marxists rather amusing, but Does Cayde-6 Fuck is pretty fantastic, as well as Friends at the Tower. I vote for all three.