Any Love Around Here for Person of Interest?


Every once in a while I’ll hear one of the songs that ended an episode of Person of Interest (which ran on CBS for five seasons and ended in 2016—the whole thing is on Netflix now I think), or I’ll stumble into a discussion on cyberpunk and its current presence/absence and it’ll bring me back to just how good that show was. Or at least, how much better than any CBS crime procedural with-a-sci-fi-twist should have any right to be. And also how I never seem to find anyone that’s seen it, despite always having a deep-seated desire to discuss it.

So have any of y’all awesome people seen this show? If ya have, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


I watched the show during its original run so it has been a while but I really loved it. I remember int the beginning, I was a little put off by the fact that it’s a crime procedural. So I’ve always imagined that’s why a lot of people probably didn’t bother with it. (Similarly to the problems I have convincing people to watch Elementary btw.)

I still think that the show’s strongest point were the characters and casting. I found myself getting really attached to all of the main characters, even the ones I didn’t care much for in the beginning. Their relationships and character arcs were interesting enough to pull me even through the more generic case-of-the-week episodes, especially in earlier seasons.

I also remember how pleasantly surprised I was by how the show handled their main AI. It really felt like another main character, as tired as that sounds. It was refreshing to see an AI that wasn’t automatically evil but also not perfect and pure either. It had flaws but not necessarily human flaws, if that makes sense? But with Root’s character we still had a discussion about the AI’s rights and, for lack of a better term, personhood.
Looking back at what I just typed I remember that they used she/her pronouns for the Machine in the show and just how emotionally invested I was in the later seasons.


I’m 3 seasons in, about to start the 4th. I adore it. I think it’s got some of the best writing and performances of any network show. It’s also doing something very interesting in that the entire show feels like the dawn of a cyberpunk world. Like, yes, there are sci-fi elements from the start, when it’s a procedural built around a magical surveillance machine that stops crimes.

But as the series goes on, it starts to feel more and more like the world is slipping into a dark techno-future. Root arrives as the herald of transhumanism, the “analog interface” to a greater intelligence that she willingly serves. The scale of the machinations and the powers about to be unleashed on the world continue to increase, and we leave the familiar “war on terror” trappings for a kind of shadow war being waged between nation-states, corporate armies, and radicalized civil libertarians. Sometimes I stop and think about the arcs this show has moved through, from street-level policing to Jason Bourne-level international mayhem, and I’m amazed that it somehow all hangs together. A big part of that is probably down to the consistently excellent cast.


i REALLY loved the first 3 seasons, it felt like the first time anything with the j j abrams name attached to it managed to pull off the hype that people always associate with his works. the stakes were well thought-out, rooted in a paranoia that a lot of people can understand and relate to, and the characters mattered as individuals and as parts of the ensemble cast. the show lost me in season 4 (iirc?) where (big spoiler) they remember theyre a TV show and kill off a lesbian for whatever but i think the amount of basic stuff that it nails is significant, and it’s still worth checking out

interestingly the show had (has?) a MASSIVE japanese and korean fanbase, and there was a truly impressive amount of gay fanart that came out of the show! it was really fun to be following an english show and then logging on to pixiv to see what all the fanartists had to say about the latest episodes. so that was super cool


Paul Krugman, welcome.


Hey what lucky timing! My GF and I are watching (me for the 3rd time, her for the first) and I’m shocked how well S1 has held up. When I watched PoI live I always remembered S1 as the slow season that didn’t have much of anything going on outside of the Monster of the Week. We’re in the thick of it now (about to watch Root’s intro episode) and it’s already introduced so much that I thought had come in only in later seasons. I’m incredibly interested to see how the rest of the show fares now that I know I still love season one.


That’s so good to hear! I always kind of feared that the first season wouldn’t hold up or age well for watching it a second time, mostly because I remembered the Case of the Week structure.