Any love for Ni No Kuni?


Its that Studio Ghibli game yo. The purest anime video game. I never hear anyone talk about it despite the fact a new one is coming out soon.


I absolutely adored it, but it was paced so slowly that I never was able to see it to the end.


Was it paced slower than say Persona 4?


I got the collector’s edition with the book and everything and was suuuper hyped for it. But then it came out and I was just not at all into the combat and story. And the only character that really stuck with me was Drippy. To be fair, I didn’t play that far into it (last thing I remember doing was getting a boat), but everything felt like padding and there was no real punch to anything that was happening. Production values were top notch though. One of my more disappointing moments in gaming.


Ni No Kuni was great! Bit slow sometimes, but very charming throughout. Wonder when the sequel will be out.


With Persona 4, yeah, it’s slow, but you’re still in a way in control of that pace. Deciding what to do and when - there’s a strategy to laying it out, and the constant pressure of time moving forward keeps you on your toes.
I adored Ni No Kuni, but I fall on the same side as @Drew in that it felt really slow. I loved seeing new places designed by that art team, but eventually moving through and around that world began to feel like a chore, that it didn’t respect my time in the same way that other games I had on my shelf were. I fell off the boat in the seaside town - I say that knowing full well that I got like… 20% of the way through.


Say if you did have an abundance of free time though, would you feel that the game would be worth sticking with? Because thats sorta the position im in currently


Exactly. The gameplay loop of the Persona games keeps you engaged more frequently because you are deciding each day how you’re going to spend your time, so it’s easy to get caught up in a “just one more turn” mentality.


Loved this game, favourite game of 2013. I imported the Japanese version ahead of time and tried to play it while taking notes and “attempting” to “translate” it. I got as far as Ding Dong Dell before realising that was going to be way too difficult for me (since I don’t actually know much Japanese). Ended up getting the English collector’s edition and the OST - which is hella gooooood, thank you Joe Hisaishi!

Huge fan of Studio Ghibli and loved that they were involved, but didn’t like that they front-loaded all their animation. The mid-late game got a little tedious without a Ghibli cutscene to keep it going. The combat wasn’t perfect but certainly not as bad as some people made it out to be. Puss in Boats 4 lyf.


See, as much as I’d like to be able to give you advice on this one, I’d say you would have to ask someone that played further in the game than I did. Even where I was, maybe 20+ hours in, I couldn’t say that I’d even scratched the surface of what the game must have to offer.


No love at all, I’m sorry to say. Studio Ghibli’s work is beautiful, but the underlying nuts and bolts are a sub-par Level-5 joint. Combat was poorly designed, the AI governing it was terrible, and character/monster progression was crushingly grindy. I played all the way through for a review and I really regretted the time spent.


I love Ni no Kuni, I don’t even really have any issues with the pacing besides a bit of a slow start. I think it would have been better if you had access to the 'mon catching mechanics in the first city instead of the second, but the story held me long enough to get the familiar… lute, or whatever it was, and after that it easily held my attention to the end since I could spend time grinding levels for them. And the progression of Ollie’s magical powers was neat, too, it became viable later in the game to play as Ollie instead of just using familiars, which was really interesting and fun.

The trailers for the second one look okay, I want to see more gameplay before I commit to buying it, but I’ll probably get it at some point regardless.


It’s a reasonably fun, beautiful rpg that doesnt quite match how pretty it is with interesting characters or a particularly engaging story. I put it on the same level as a game like Eternal Sonata as far as missed potential goes.


Gameplay wasn’t the best. The OST elevated it quite a bit. I made it all the way through and loved it, if only for the sweeping score.


I beat the first “original” final boss, and stopped shortly before taking on the “new” final boss

Shame, since I was really enjoying it. Ultimately a very fun RPG with a charming story and great cast of characters.


Ni Ni Kuni is one of 2 PS3 games I own even though I’ve never owned a PS3. I bought it because of how amazing it looked and JRPGs being my favorite genre, I borrowed a friend’s PS3 and loved playing trough it. It has some problems with the story pacing towards the end but overall I enjoyed it.


I got right up to what I’m guessing is the last boss, tried it twice, realised I needed to grind to get slightly stronger. Then put it down never to return. I enjoyed it but it wore me down.


Ni No Kuni is one of many games that I love, but have never beaten. Every so often I throw it into the ol’ PS3 and fire it up and run around and laugh at the ridiculous cow and cat puns. It’s a gorgeous game! The production values are insane. The story is engaging!

The gameplay? Well, maybe it’s not the most interesting in the world. It’s not bad! It’s maybe a little… uninspired? It’s the weakest part of the game, but that doesn’t make it terrible.

For me, the PS3 had a few must-own titles, and Ni No Kuni was one of them (MGS4 and Demon’s Souls were the other, for the curious).


I have such mixed feelings about this game. I enjoyed it a lot, but man the AI controls were frustrating. It desperately needed a system as complex as FFXII to set up routines. Okay, that might be a little overkill, but it needed more options.

My personal story with that game is beat it with 100 less health and magic than I needed to because I didn’t unlock any of the later side quest upgrades because I didn’t realize you had to buy all the upgrades in a tier before the next tier unlocked. I figured it would be unlocked when I got to a certain spot in the story -_-. So I was stingy because I didn’t want to waste my stickers on the “jumping on the world map” upgrade and locked myself out of like 20 other upgrades.


I debated calling my cat “Timmy Toldrums” because of this game. I do have the Japanese DS one with the gorgeous magic book too - found it in a game shop in Shimo-kitazawa for ¥250 - about £1.50!