Any y'all's watch that Twilight Zone?

I knew it was Jordan Peele going in and I was still blown away by how good it was.

The way they depicted the main character literally making a queer black woman’s career in comedy (one who is also quite simply more talented) just disappear was absolutely chilling and then to bring it back around and get himself out of everyone else’s way

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I liked it. I wasn’t sure whether or not they were gonna do the Rob Serling-style narration and when they did I literally pumped my fist in the air. The shots back to the crowd were really well done, and overall I think it was a really cool, modernized Twilight Zone episode. It hits a lot of the beats you’d want it to while feeling fresh still. I don’t know or talk enough about TV or cinema to say much more rn.

What I’m wondering is how the longer episodes are gonna pan out over time. For me I watch way less TV than I used to in part because there’s little that interests me, but also because I don’t often feel like sitting down and watching most of a movie. Likewise, I don’t watch many movies. But this episodes used its time well, I think.

Jordan Peele really likes the-end-of-The Shining-painting-thing, and that’s good, because so do I.

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At the risk of sounding like a pearl clutcher, I think it’s great but I really wish it wasn’t MA. Between this and Star Trek they’re taking all the shows I loved watching with the family as a kid and giving them content that I would not at all feel comfortable showing my eventual children. I’m not saying shows like this shouldn’t exist, but I can’t think of a single show currently running that is both family friendly and truly fantastic.


This probably says a lot about what kind of media I was exposed to at early ages but I haven’t seen anything on these shows I wouldn’t want an 8-9 year old to see.

Watched the episode on youtube, was really good, surprisingly good even.
I guess the first episode is free and I’d have to subscribe to CBS for the rest? As good as this was, not worth it for me to have to get another subscription service.

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Yes you will do. I feel very similar to yourself. It doesn’t have the same impact Serling version had. This is due to both the political climate during the original and what it covers.

Ultimately I feel the audience is different as well for subjects. It’s not like you can update something like “King 9 Will Not Return”. See Real Steel for example that really didn’t adapt well, in comparison to the Twilight Zone episode of the same story.

I liked it a lot. Kumail did great, I always love seeing him in stuff. Diarra Kilpatrick was amazing. I would love to see her in more stuff. Has anyone watched The Last OG
I REALLY wish this wasn’t on CBS All Access. I want to watch the new Trek but I really don’t want to give CBS any money.

So, I saw the episode “The Comedian”, which is free on YouTube. Without spoilers, I’d like to say this: the episode wasn’t bad, but I don’t think it was particularly good, either. The writing was really weak at certain points and the mood lighting was laid on way too thick for me. It felt incredibly cliche at times. On the other hand, I think the premise was interesting enough and was used to actually say something interesting about fame and interpersonal relations. Also Jordan Peele filling Rod Serling’s shoes like no other could

Spoilers for the entire episode: So the premise is kind of a neat idea. But the whole “erased from existence” bit has been done before, and this episode hit a lot of the cliches. The changing photograph, the “you’re-in-on-this-joke” line. Almost all the turns of the story were predictable, too, yet it insisted on filling that time.

This going to sound silly, but I actually think its important: I didn’t really appreciate the amount of obscenity in the writing. I’m usually all totally fine with that kind of humor, but it bothers me because it means that a lot of younger audiences will be gate kept from it. I was introduced to The Twilight Zone when I was a tween, which is probably the best age for it. And my parents had no issue with me watching that kind of content A show with lines like “Suck my vagina” is a much different flavor and might not get that kind of audience.

Also, I mentioned this, but the direction started to bother me pretty fast? I have no chance to be disarmed by the dark turns the episode took because even the casual scenes are lit like a horror sequence? That direction starts to come together near the end, though. Specifically Sahir’s on-stage break down was really effective.

I really appreciated, though, that the episode didn’t feel the need to have a twist. One of The Twilight Zone’s biggest weaknesses was its insistence on having a twist in every episode. “The Comedian” doesn’t, and while the ending of Sahir’s story wasn’t unpredictable, it gave meaningful closure to his character arc.

I think one of my biggest takeaways was actually that I don’t think this episode needed to be an hour long. The Twilight Zone’s format of a 30-minute drama is hard to find nowadays, especially as an anthology. But one of the emergent qualities of that is that the episodes are incredibly compact stories. Sure, there are episodes of The Twilight Zone that could and perhaps should be extended. But a lot of them are only enjoyable because they’re such short watches. I think “The Comedian” could have been a much shorter episode, and maybe better. But I don’t know!

I don’t need or want this series to be a direct parallel in all its styling to the original series. But I do think some of what I’ve seen’s failing’s are due to some of its diversions.


I kinda liked the predictability of it. Most Twilight Zone episodes follow a pretty predictable formula that gets established fairly early on, so for a first episode I was cool with it not being terribly innovative.

I’ll agree that I like the lack of twist. I think the heavily didactic nature of The Twilight Zone is part of its charm in addition to its insistence on jamming twists in during the last two minutes, but one of my favorite episodes of anything ever is “And When the Sky Was Opened,” which has no twist or moral at all. It’s just a gradual uptick of dread.

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I haven’t yet seen episode 2, but I found the first episode very underwhelming. The insistence on using dutch angles whenever possible irked me, and it was at least twenty minutes too long. I thought Nanjiani’s performance was suitable, but the writing in this episode was just flat and uninteresting, bolstering a concept built around predictable, well-trod material…I’ll check out more episodes, but this premiere definitely took some of my excitement for the series away.

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The first episode was okay. The episode’s conceit gestures at saying something about fame, but never commits. He doesn’t become wildly successful and utterly friendless, his humanity is not ravaged by his fame, he just gets a couple thousand more followers and cynically eradicates old nemeses while still feeling quite sad about his early losses. The story can’t decide if it wants to explore the conceit as a superpower or as a metaphor for fame, and never goes hard in either direction. When the final conflict finally came, it felt undeserved and was not cathartic like it should have been.

This part is picky, but it also kinda sucks that he only has like one actual stand-up bit in the entire episode, and it’s about his dog. The rest he is just describing someone and then saying their name. It would have been cool if the stand-up material was more ‘realistic’, I guess.

The second episode, ‘Nightmare at 30,000 Feet’, though, is very good. I was hoping for a direct retelling of the already-retold original episode (the movie retelling rules), and in the end I am glad it veered so far away from the source material. The performances were good, the setting was perfectly claustrophobic, and the writing was strong.

I watched the first episode on YouTube and I was pretty disappointed. For what it’s worth I don’t have much experience with Twilight Zone and my partner who does liked it more than I did.

From my perspective though I can’t say I really felt Jordan Peele’s influence on that episode, which would be my main draw to the series.

As others have mentioned a lot of the camera angles and the lighting seemed overdramatic and I also didn’t really feel myself buying any of the performances, part of that with Kumail was that none of his comedy sets were really believable.

That said, my major contribution will be tanking the discourse with this cursed photoshop I made based on a widely held take. Enjoy!

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That’s a good point, that it doesn’t need to be innovative. I would question it being the first episode they put out, though; seems like you would want to start with something more engaging.