Anya Silver Taught Me to Appreciate Melancholy


Postscript is Cameron Kunzelman's weekly column about endings, apocalypses, deaths, bosses, and all sorts of other finalities.

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Postscript is required reading for me every week. As my reading habits and hobbies have shifted away from games to a larger extent than I realized, this column still holds a central position as a thoughtful treatise, on a game I probably haven’t played, with I perspective I probably wouldn’t have conceived even if I had. Just thought you ought to know.


I appreciate it. Thanks for reading!


This article reminded me of when I played through Lost Odyssey. The “Thousand Years of Dreams” short stories were almost all related in some way to the curse of immortality. It was a complete pause in the game to take up to 10 minutes reading about while somber music played and the words wistfully faded in and out on screen. I searched for them obsessively throughout the 50+ hour game and relished every depressing moment of each story. I understand that most people will not want to play through an 11 year old game for that many hours just to read some stories. However, I would suggest you go to youtube just to read a couple for yourself. It’s worth the 5-10 minutes.