Anybody have some good Dreams? (The game. The PS4 game.)

Dreams Early Access is available now in Europe, America (and Canada maybe?), and Australia now. I’ve fired it up, tried a few tutorials and done some Dream Surfing. I’m impressed with the tone of everything surrounding the tools and the Surfing - it’s so encouraging, optimistic, sort of reminds me of the way folks talk about Tetris Effect or Rez. The game has you break down a wall of doubt as it tutorializes basic UI movement and character locomotion.

I’ve been excited to try this out for years, and while I haven’t been able to really get in yet, because yesterday was busy as heck, I’m curious if other Waypointers have dived in or just done some surfing yet.

Tell me about your Dreams!!

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I just got it!

I haven’t really messed around with the tools or done any surfing just yet, but I reconfigured the structures in my homespace into a dope castle.

I read that we’ll eventually be able to more fully customize that space with things we’ve made ourselves and I’m pretty excited about that!

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Okay so I’m doing some dream surfing and the way these levels flow from one into the other is great. It’s wild to be playing a platformer one minute then walking down a hall from PT the next. It’s got this anthology feel and it moves from piece to piece so smoothly.

Edit: lmao okay so now I keep getting the PT hallway between games and it’s creating a really weird vibe overall

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I had this same experience last night haha. I am really looking forward to jumping back in this evening!!

I wonder if that Dead Space remake thing still exists. Did you see the Robot jam winner? the really moody black and white walkaround robot thing?

I did! The person (team?) that made that also has a bunch of visually stunning concept environments that occasionally pop up while surfing. It makes me really excited to see what people end up making with this.

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I’m getting to grips with the tutorial (everyone’s so friendly here) but I really enjoyed the rolling levels. I was playing bits of a PT remake with a good natured off road driving game that progressively went to weird and dark places. Seems really cool. I like how things can be a self contained game or just a self contained interactive experience.

Looking forward to creating something. It’ll most likely have dinosaurs in it.

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Everyone needs to check out Purple Pants Surprise Episode 5.

Not going to say more.

It’s an incredible piece of software. Working my way through all the tutorials now, while mixing in some random dreamsurfing. The stuff this is capable of… it’s gonna be amazing.

My and a couple of other people are working on making a proper PlayStation All-Stars game as a big long-term project and I think it’s gonna end up coming together pretty well.

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I have a lot of sculpture ideas right now, might also dabble in the music software soon too. I’ll probably get around to that game part eventually!

Also, I want to let folks know that has great documentation on all the buttons and stuff, and it’s been fun to browse when I’ve got some downtime. I learned they have a “rocket rotator,” a gadget whose sole purpose is to have things point in the direction they’re moving. This is so revelatory to me because I’ve had sooo much trouble messing with rotational math and quaternions and stuff in Unity - having a thing that sounds like it just fixes that problem for you sounds amazing.

I have a question I hope someone in this thread can answer…

Would it be safe to make content in Dreams that features my original characters (who have appeared in books I’ve written but have yet to publish)?

Mm is making money off of the sales of this game and tool set but presumably other stuff would be safe?

I uh… didn’t read the legal disclaimers. No one does. Lol.

I would assume Sony keeps the rights to content created in Dreams. Whether that would extend to you OC, you would have to read the license agreements.

I found this though.> 4. User Generated Content.

You may have the option to create content such as pictures, photographs, renderings, videos, animation, sounds, music, game play, game related materials, or other information (“User Material”) through the Beta Product. To the extent permitted by law, you license SIE a royalty-free and perpetual right to use, distribute, copy, modify, display, and publish your User Material for any reason without any restrictions or payments to you or any third parties. You acknowledge that you have received good and valuable consideration from SIE for the license of the rights in your User Material. SIE may sublicense its rights to your User Material to any third party, including its affiliates. You hereby waive, to the extent permitted by law, all claims, including any moral or patrimonial rights, against SIE and its affiliates or any third party’s use of the User Material. By creating, posting, streaming, transmitting or providing SIE any User Material, you represent and warrant that your User Material does not infringe on the intellectual property or other rights of any third party and is not obscene, defamatory, offensive or an advertisement or solicitation of business and you have the appropriate rights to use, create, post, distribute, transmit and provide User Material and to grant SIE the foregoing license. You must cooperate with SIE in resolving any dispute that may arise from your User Material.

man that shit’s depressing

Cool. Cool cool cool. I’ll just create totally new OCs that are completely disposable on the alter of capital then.

Thanks for the heads up!


Well hopefully that won’t be an issue since Sony already allows people to profit off of gameplay captures and that’s all it really is, right?

They updated this thing and added a story mode.

I recommend anyone who bought this in early access but hasn’t been back yet to boot it up soon if you can. The story they decided to use their game to tell hit me in a personal way that I wasn’t expecting. I know it’s early on in the year but so far? This is way up there on my 2020 games list.


I’ve been having a great time treating it like YouTube, just hopping around and seeing what’s interesting. Lots of creative stuff and interesting experiments. I really want to make a Starcraft-like RTS but I get stumped on logic so quickly.

I played the Media Molecule Art’s Dream yesterday, it was good at showcasing what exactly you can make with the software. Point and click adventures, cutesy platformers, even elaborate song and dance routines. Though I’m not 100% sure how you get such high quality audio into your creations. Makes me wonder whether it’ll make the jump to PC along with other PS exclusives.

I played Ruckus, which basically has you play as a Salamander esque kaiju and lets you stomp this entire city. I saw it being advertised on twitter. It’s a blast.

Also went through the motions to see what clones of older games people had made. Found one for Dino Crisis and Tomb Raider. There very basic but I was surprised at how much the creators had achieved in terms of animation.

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The discussion about exporting the stuff out into a game you could sell completely ignores the part of the game where everyone is using copyrighted assets.

You have to go through and agree to a lot of terms and conditions and give tax info if you want to take money on stuff like the Unity asset store or mobile app stores, which would be beyond a lot of people to even provide all of it accurately.

Also Re: the little kid making a song becoming a thing, that could easily have been a youtube video or a tiktok and blown up even bigger than if dreams was involved at all.

I agree with the angle that it’s using the free labor of independent creators as a means to push people towards buying into the Dreams (and by extension Sony) platform.

On the other hand, similar to community mods for games like Skyrim, I think there’s a certain sanctity to the experiment that’s spoiled if you introduce a means of selling your creations on the platform. Creators are discouraged from genuine self-expression and more towards making familiar, widely consumable media. Using other people’s creations or code turns a collaborative effort into a potential quagmire of rights issues.

There’s value in creation for the sake of creation, and I fear we’d lose that if they introduced a consumerist angle beyond the initial buy-in.