Anybody Playing Elex?


So the science fantasy RPG ELEX by the Gothic people came out yesterday. I’ve not seen many people talking about it. So anybody giving it a go?


Hadn’t heard of this until this now, looked up some gameplay footage and I just… am baffled by the fact that they created this vast world with a lot of environments and well-designed monsters yet the protag is another grizzled white dude? A shame.

Like getting the ability to use both swords and shotguns in your games is pretty amazing, and a worldbuilding combo of fantasy and sci-fi sounds like a dream? I am just incredibly turned off by the protagonist.


Oh, I thought you could create your own character?


There was a gameplay video where they played through the intro and it was like “this particular chosen-one type character was sent out to do thing, then he got shot, now he’s the protag, you don’t have a choice in this matter”. I checked some other gameplay vids because I wanted to be sure, and lo and behold, the same dude.


Ugh the guy in the trailer looked like such a generic hard boy I was under the impression he was just the advertisement guy like the one Skyrim uses.


Oh no, I was kinda looking forward to this on the assumption it would have character creation. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m not a connoisseur or anything, but action heroes in continental European media seem to conform to a common mold:

  1. Be as gravelly-voiced as possible.
  2. Be a real asshole.


So far I’m really enjoying this. It’s goofy and unconventional and I am SURE I will find some problematic theming later on. Nevertheless I find it a pleasant change from standard North American AAA muck, especially in the middle of all this lootbox monetization hubbub.

I’ve never played a PB RPG before but I know they have a devout following and that there is magic to be found somewhere inside their games. Looking forward to it.


I can’t decide if I should get it or not. It does seem kinda cool but also AC:O is out next week also.


‘Kinda cool’ is a good assessment. I like it because it’s different and rough around the edges and doesn’t purport to be THE BEST THING AND MOST WONDERFUL THING EVER. A common marketing theme in games.

Next week is bananas though, you’re right. Fire Emblem Warriors today, Destiny 2 PC next week, Game of the Year 2017 Super Mario Odyssey, Cd:\Wolf3D 2017. Big week.


Since you have played a bit of it, can you give a spoiler-less break down of each faction? Like do they have philosphies\politics outside of the nature\tech\freedom?


Hey I have only really played a bit of it so I don’t know if I can really provide insight into each of the factions. From my 4 hours or so with the game I can tell you that the Berserkers seem to be the lawful good faction. I am going to join the Clerics tho because I want those sweet sweet energy weapons and some space armor. The idea of fighting mage-knights with armor and laser weapons is pretty cool.

The game is definitely hard but I am starting to figure out the combat. You will get quests that take you into overleveled areas really early but you don’t need to do those quests right away. There are no level requirements for quests so it’s sort of up to you to figure out what you should do. I have mostly been doing fetch quests and small little errands for folks in the starting area and I am up to level 6 or so now.

If you are on the fence or don’t have the funds to gamble on whether or not you’ll like this game I suggest you wait for the Steam Winter Sale. It’s definitely worth a look but by the time you play it enough to decide whether or not its for you the time limit for a refund will be up.


I do. And i like it so far. Sure it has its flaws but its a good game.


Just played a bit of it today. A little overwhelming in terms of all the quests they throw at you and combat is a bit sticky, but just sheer amount of dialogue and how my choises actually affect the flow of conversation so far is promising.


I might give it a chance once the price drops. ACG’s review has me interested, but I have quite a few games in my backlog. So I figure by time I get some of that down, it should be at a price worth taking a risk for.


I think 29€ would be a fair price.


Just started ( 3h for now ) and i kind of like it.

I’ve played through gothic 2 and try Gothic 3 ( but never really get far )
Strangely, i enjoyed Risen 3 too.

So yeah, feels good to come back in a Piranha Bytes game :slight_smile:


This has been my obsession for the past week.

Can’t put this game down.


I’ve watched a good deal of footage, and I think I’d be more likely to impulse buy it if the jetpack covered a bit more ground horizontally. Which is the most absurdly specific thing, but it really bugs me, at least when watching others play lol. (I also just have too much of a backlog already going into the onslaught of games coming up; this might be a good early 2018 game for me.)


You cover quite a bit of ground if you tap on button.