Anybody wanna try designing a TTRPG over the month of November?

November’s just around the corner, and with it comes NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and while I like the idea, I’m not super in the mood to write a novel right now (also it’s intimidating). However, something I have been wanting to try for a while now, is designing a tabletop role-playing game (which I have not done before).

So I guess why not do it over a month?

Basically, I kinda just want some accountability and a deadline so that I don’t stop halfway through. In my mind it’s super casual, with folks just posting updates on how their games are going every now and then to this(?) thread, giving feedback to each other, etc. Lemme know if it’s something you’d wanna participate in.


I came up with a title as a bit, but I couldn’t fit it into the top post without seeming too peppy:

The Unofficial Waypoint Community Tabletop Role-Playing Game Designing Month


UnWaCoTaRoPlaGaDesMo 2019


I would love to pitch in, despite being not even slightly qualified.

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I’ve been slowly pecking away at writing a big book of goofy cursed items for d&d. I guess I can tell myself I’m going to work on it more consistently in November


I’ve had an idea for a Powered by the Apocalypse game with the players as card game anime protagonists bouncing around in my head, it could be fun to try to work on that for a month.


this sounds fun! i might do this. maybe. i have too many projects i’ve just left hanging already, yet… i have the urge to make a mech rpg. maybe i will.

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I always wanted to figure out how to make an RPG, so I might actually do this.

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You know? I’ve been whipping something up recently. Let’s do it!

Unfortunately, being that I don’t associate my public person with this account, I’m afraid I won’t be able to share it with y’all directly yet. BUT!!! I will support y’all and try to keep ya up to date!

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This is a Good Idea™️

I’ve been working on something myself and I’d love to wrap it up this month! Or maybe… you know… start something new :sweat_smile:

I’m in!

Throwing an idea out there: would it be a good idea to keep it constrained? I did the 200 words rpg challenge a couple of years ago and I found it super helpful to have an upper limit of words. (Now, 200 might be a bit tight for a month-long challenge but maybe… 500? 1000?)

I avoided suggesting any particulars because I didn’t want it to feel like an obligation. Honestly my only goal for this was to get myself off my ass and actually finish something.

I’ve been bouncing around a bunch on what I want to make, but I think I’ve settled on something that I really like, especially given some of the media that I’ve been consuming for the past few months (The Shrieking Shack and Fire Emblem: Three Houses).

So I think I’m going to make a game about the history of a magic school told through generations of students finding secrets while studying there. And I think it’ll use a deck of cards because I like decks of cards.


I’ve got a physical, mechanical gimmick that could be fun for a very simple (maybe just one page) RPG. I’ve never built a system before, so I’ll try it out!

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I also really, really like decks of cards for story games.

…To the point that I’ve actually been trying to force myself to use dice more in my design. Decks of cards are great for generating prompts, but dice can add some unpredictability that can be really exciting. I think the rule of thumb that I’ve been using is that decks of cards are good for uncertainty in the world, while dice are great for uncertainty in action.


I’m going to take this as the incentive I need to finally get off my butt and get my Genesys hack ready for playtests. I’m taking some bits of the Star Wars game (which Genesys is a generic version of) and using them as a basis for a more intricate spaceship system, with several kinds of mods, more stuff for copilots/crew to do, and maybe even some energy management.
This is the first time I’m doing anything larger than a Compendium Class for Dungeon World. I’m already loving how much more difficult this is than I anticipated, and I anticipated it to be very difficult :wink:


I’d love to see what you’re working on! I’ve thought about building some Genesys hacks myself.

So, I’ve spent a few days working on my one page system and have a pretty good idea how it will work. Instead of building in a setting, I took inspiration from my core mechanic: dice stacking. This lead me to the idea of players ascending a tower, and I created two small tables for the type of tower and the type of party. I was planning to playtest it with some friends tonight, but I had to call off sick today and need to stay home and rest.


So, I haven’t actually designed a TTRPG because I’m not qualified, but I think I accidentally wandered into a small idea that I like.

One of the things that Skyrim does that I like (not just because it permits cheesing) is give you a percent chance of completion for its speech checks instead of asking for a hard number. My thought was having hard numbers for checks (Medical, Persuade, etc. to borrow from The Outer Worlds nomenclature) unless you took a Speech perk (“Fake It 'Til You Make It” or “Dunning-Krueger”) that turns every skill into a dice roll. You could tweak it so you have to be a particular tier of the tested skill before you unlock the chance.

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Hey, can I tell you a secret? There’s no such thing as unqualified.

For real. I mean, we’re all amateurs until when we start! Story games especially have a very low bar of entry, which is awesome. You can totally start right now if you want to! You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, of course, but just know that you are certainly capable and we would love to see what you make :slight_smile:


It’ll be fun to port this ability table to tabletop then.