Anyone else here excited about some LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS?!


pls explode excitement here and also tell me your favorite clan.
I’m a crab man, myself. I’m a bit sad about Mantis not being in the reboot but I imagine they’ll start weaving minor clans in as the game progresses.


I have a friend that’s super excited, so I’m probably going to pick it up. The mechanics look real neat, and it seems like it would be a nice break from MtG for a while.


I am super excited for this! I love LCGs, even though a lot of folks say that they get really stale meta. I just like how easy it is to get the cards you need.

Also, L5R, which I really only have an appreciation from D&D 3eds Oriental Adventures, looks amazing. I keep hearing how incredible the sourcebooks are for the RPG, but they are incredibly expensive. I’m very excited to get more art and a revamped version of the card game.


I’m a bit hesitant, just based on finding community. Does anyone have tips for getting a scene going for LCG’s? There are about 8-10 Netrunner players in my local shop each Wednesday, do I try and coax them over to this Jade-Empire-adaptation? :slight_smile:


“But little frog, I can swim.”


I… I am so angry at you right now. Like… go away before I hurt you


This is something I really want to get into but do not and probably will not have a group to play with, womp womp.


Same! I really like Rokugan as a setting, and I’ve had some good times with the tabletop RPG (which I hope we hear more about a new edition of soon), but I’ve never been able to get into the card game or find a big local community around it, and I’m not sure if the switch to LCG format is going to hurt or help that. I am excited to see that it’s coming back.

Favorite clan: Crane.


the most exciting part for me is that the card game mechanics themselves are changing A TON. So if you couldn’t get into the old game, there’s really no reason why you couldn’t the new.


I want to be excited, but I’m sorely disappointed with how they’ve handled the Arkham Horror LCG. I had a group at work that loved playing it, and we STOPPED playing it because we couldn’t find the first expansion for ages. Plus, having to buy two copies of the base game to have all the cards you can use in a deck was really dumb. I’m… not very happy with them.

I dunno how they’re gonna do L5R, but if I hear they’re handling it better, maybe I’ll buy in.