Anyone else here living in Japan?

Just curious if anyone else who is a fan of Waypoint lives near me. Always fun to find out! I’m a JET in Tokyo. Who else is up hit like

No, but I’m contemplating a work vacation “move” there for a couple months later this year. My trip to Osaka+Tokyo a couple years ago was fantastic. Maybe I’ll reach out when I’m in town! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wish. I just barely missed the JET application last year. Any tips for applicants? How’s life out there? How much Japanese did you know going in?

That sucks! My tips are: be energetic and seem outgoing, be enthusiastic about teaching and learning the Japanese way of doing things. Honestly, it mostly seems like a random draw. Some of the people they let in are just complete garbage; they don’t know what they’re doing at all. Life in Tokyo is great, but I knew it would be because I came on exchange a couple of years back. I have a bachelor’s in Japanese, which basically meant I was at about intermediate level when I got here. I’m now in what I’d call upper-intermediate level. I can hold a conversation but can’t get too detailed yet. Living here is certainly beneficial for language, but you really have to work for it in Tokyo. The amount of people that move here and learn 0 Japanese is astounding. You can definitely get by with only English, so I have to force the conversation into Japanese in order to get practice. If I had more Japanese friends it wouldn’t be as much of an issue, I’m sure, but yeah. In terms of the application, having Japanese doesn’t affect anything, and might actually be a net minus. Teaching experience/qualifications do help, though. I have a graduate certificate in TESOL and that helped my application a lot; this was my second time applying.

Oops, sorry for the wall of text

I lived in Japan when I was 16/17, on a foreign exchange scholarship. Nine months in a small Buddhist temple jsut outside Nagoya. Owned. I’m finally going back, briefly, in August.

Considering JET because it’s “easy” $33k/year, my Japanese is still survival-level at worst, and I wouldn’t mind living in the boonies even (I hear the rent on those subsidized places is super stupid cheap).