Anyone else here play solo tabletop games?

I feel like a lot of what I love about tabletop games comes from playing in a group, but there’s room for some solitaire games too!

I had yet another fun run of Pocket Mars this eve and, since my other half is away on business the next 2 nights, I’m planning to give Utopia Engine a go tomorrow night.

Anyone else play solo board/card games and want to share recommendations?

I got Friday a couple of months ago. It’s a solo card/deck building game where you help Robinson Crusoe survive his time on the island. I haven’t actually managed to complete a game of it though, since I keep losing.

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Sometimes I’ll go to the local board game cafe for lunch. Friday is a perfect game to play while I enjoy my meal.

I did a game of Hikkikomori once. If I recall correctly, I met a girl I really liked while getting groceries, got depressed, consciously chose to never talk to her again because I decided she would never want to be around me, became more of a shut-in, and got addicted to prescription painkillers.


I keep seeing Friday recommended. I bounce off the art style a bit, but think I need to give it a go.

I think not playing that game counts as self care! I’m all about games as escapism and creating interesting problems to solve. Hikkikimori is just too bleak for me.

I’ve always enjoyed playing Arkham Horror solo, obviously not one for a quick game though. It also loses out on the camaraderie of suffering a crushing defeat too :smile:

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I’m usually only interested in solo plays in order to learn the rules and making teaching a smoother process, but there are a couple games I like enough to play solo if I’ve got the time/motivation. The Arkham Horror Card Game and One Deck Dungeon are definitely the standouts. AHCG captures everything I like about the Arkham games without the completely unwieldy table space and time requirements of Mansions of Madness (my second favorite Arkham game). One Deck Dungeon is so quick to set up and play for some dice-chucking monster killing fun. I also have a soft spot for any game where white male isn’t the default protagonist.

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My current favorite solo boardgame is Marvel Legendary. In solo mode you don’t need to worry about the co-op vs semi-co-op rules. And there’s tons of expansion content. The BGG section for this game even has monthly solo challenges for getting top score with a pre-defined deck setup.

Other solos I’ve enjoyed a lot are A Feast for Odin and Imperial Settlers (with the campaign variant posted by the designer).

Mage Knight is sitting in my closet. I bought it off craigslist with 2 expansions for quite cheap… I really want to break it out for a solo adventure but it sort of intimidates me!

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It’s not so bad! It like, has a lot of moving parts but I think the complicatedness of it gets overstated a bit. Developing a good understanding of how to excel is the tricky bit from what I can tell.

I should pull that out again, it’s been a while.

I play a lot of games solo, tbh. I like looking up rules online for solo variants of games that normally wouldn’t support it, like Patchwork, or Roll for the Galaxy.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I think I am waiting for a weekend where I can set aside a whole Saturday or Sunday to dig into it. I love the minis and I am into the adventuring side of it.

If you’re interested in pen and paper rpgs, there is this print’n’play that I thought was very fun! Its called Doom Realm and its made by Grey Games. It’s a 30 minute or so long d6 rolling hex crawler, with some neat ideas added in. They updated the rules, but I played the first version and some of the rules were sorta vauge? But I believe they took a lot of feedback and fixed it up!


I pretty much take every Sunday to just sit and play a handful of solo games! It’s really relaxing! So far my two current favorites are:

Terraforming Mars - I’ve been trying to complete the game, once with each corp on all the different maps. I think I have something like 18-19 logged plays in TFM, and only two of them are with other people! I have 5 corps left from the base game, on the original map left, then its off to Helles/Elysium!

Spirit Island - Great art and lots of strategy to this one. I love that you can see the moves the enemy will take so that you can really plan 2-3 moves a head. Lots to think about but just a great mix of mechanics.

Other games I really enjoy playing solo lately include Sagrada, Roll Player and Ex Libris!

The One Deck Dungeon stand-alone expansion, Forest of Shadows, is now widely available. Just picked up my copy yesterday and am very excited to give it a go.

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I don’t manage to get a group together very often to play tabletop games so I’ve been dabbling a bit more in solo games myself recently and here’s my experiences:

Onirim - A really simple game where you’re trying to find and unlock doors in a deck by playing multiples of the same colour of card in a sequence. It’s really easy to start playing but also can be really tricky to actually win which is pretty much perfect imo. Probably my favourite solo game.

SUPERHOT - Card game based on the fantastic videogame. It’s a pretty standard deckbuilder with some little twists into how building your deck impacts the enemy deck. It’s alright, probably only really worth getting if you’re into the videogame.

Scythe - Maybe the internet’s favourite board game, Scythe is a big engine builder disguised as a war game. You build up your faction to gather victory points in a variety of ways, gathering resources, building structures, building mechs, etc etc. It’s a fantastic multiplayer game and the solo variant is surprisingly great too. It works with a deck of AI cards that give instructions for an opponent, giving you a solid 1v1 experience with only one player. I actually really enjoyed this and while it’s not as good as the full multiplayer game, it still works great.

Viticulture - A wine making game which again is fantastic multiplayer. Single player though…ehhhh…it follows a similar idea to how Scythe works (it’s the same guys who made it I believe) but I just didn’t find it anywhere near as fun as Scythe without actual people. I’m going to give it another whirl but my initial impressions are not great.

I’ve never actually done it as the replayability of the cases is limited by how good you are at forgetting them and I’m “saving” them for when I have people to play with, but I reckon Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective would work pretty well single player since you’re basically butting your head against the set, written narrative in a choose your own adventure type mode.

I love games that play well solo, as well as games that are small enough to take places with me.

People have already mentioned Friday, One Deck Dungeon, and Onirim, but I would definitely echo those people.

Others I genuinely enjoy:

Almost any of the Tiny Epic series of games works well solo. (I haven’t given Western or Quest a try solo, but Galaxies, Defenders, and Kingdoms all work well alone, especially if you can pick up Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms, a board game the size of a deck of cards.)

Deep Space D-6 is easily a top five game I’ve kickstarted. It’s tense, fun, and tough to win. I know they’ve gone back for a second printing of the game with a small expansion that should be shipping soon.

Star Realms’ single player is really fun, too. You do have to buy a card pack to get the single-player opponents, but the whole game is cheap enough that an extra $5 to get the single player and co-op variants are worth it. (Ascension is a little more expensive, much bigger box version of the same game play, and I think it comes with a single-player variant included.)

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I’ve been playing a bit of Silent Victory, which is fun probably more as a “story generator” than a game, since there aren’t a ton of decisions to make. I enjoy being able to jump in for one patrol of 15-20 minutes or so, and keep track of the longer, entire-war-long campaign on the patrol log to come back to later. I’m sitting at around 62,000 tons of Japanese shipping sunk so far, which I feel is pretty good as of early 1944, especially for a Narwhal-class sub that was more designed for special missions. I’ve had fun with it, and I think I’ll pick up a copy of The Hunters to give that a try too, since I’ve read that it’s a bit harder.

I also own a copy of Comanchería, which I’ve been meaning to play for ages, but it’s just so big (in terms of physical space) that I don’t really have room to keep it set up long enough to run a full game!

I also have played several of the COIN series games solo, but it’s a bit difficult for me to run the bots and still focus on what I need to do to win. I have Colonial Twilight, and it might be easier there since it’s only two players.

I also own Mage Knight and have been meaning to give that a try, but, well. Those rules are daunting.