Anyone else playing Aer: Memories of Old?

Probably not but im gonna talk about it! This game had been on my radar but it had the misfortune of coming out a few days before the october 27 deluge of releases. Now that things have slowed down for me, I went back to give this a shot and Im really enjoying it. Its a really chill and relaxing exploration game where you’re this girl on a pilgrimage to visit three temples, and also you can turn into a bird and fly.
The game seems like it’d be really short to just beeline to the objectives and finish, but the flight controls are so fun, and the low poly visuals and chill acoustic music evoke such a strong atmosphere that I wind up spending a lot of time poking around the various floating islands. On one of the islands there was a baby lamb that thought I was its mom and followed me around.
Once you get inside the temples theres some light platforming and puzzle solving which I’ve been enjoying despite their simplicity. Theres lore to find in the form of ghost-visions of people from the past but a lot of it is kind of jumbled so i found it a little hard to connect to anything that was related to the main narrative.

Other than that small quibble its neat lil game with a cool look and a fun hook. Being a bird??? Issa good time.


On my radar/wishlist.

Oh yeah, forgot about this. Might pick it up with my next paycheck. Definitely down for a chill exploration game.

any game with the ability to fly included piques my interest so i’ll have to check this game out at some point, especially since the flying looks super fun! it looks beautiful, too.

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