Anyone Else Upset With Sony Over The Venom Solo Movie?

They just announced Tom Hardy will be taking on the role of Venom, which sounds like great casting to me. HOWEVER! They announced it as part of “Sony’s Marvel Universe” and NOT the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”. Is Sony seriously going to have a separate Marvel Universe featuring one of Spider-Man’s most popular foes?

Does this mean Venom won’t be in the MCU?

Does this mean Sony’s Venom will have a different Spider-Man?

Sony!!! What are you doing???

It’s sounding like they plan to build a cinematic universe around the few Spider-Man characters they do have, despite having Spidey himself ties up in the MCU. It’s a flawed concept, but the films themselves could still turn out okay. (Though I don’t have much faith in Sony).

What I fear is that they’re doing this to screw over Disney when the time comes to renegotiate usage rights for Spiderman (Right now, I believe he’s licenced to appear in 2 stand-alone films, and Infinity War). Sony will be able to say “We have an established universe we can pop him into right now, no problem. If you want him to stay, pay up.” That may even mean Marvel Studios losing creative control over alter IW.

I mean, it’s better than the idea they had for making an Aunt May movie. (They were seriously planning one, really!)

I’ll reserve judgement until its released, though. It could be good!

I’ll be honest I would WATCH an Aunt May movie far more enthusiastically than another Spidey reboot or this Venom movie


I think my issue is, regardless of the movies quality, it muddies the waters so so so much! It ties Marvel’s hands in regards to what villains they may use in Spider-Man movies and could potentially mean that Sony is building a Spiderverse around characters who are not Spider-Man???

There is one thing that would get me all the way on board though… They do Miles Morales Spider-Man.

I’m pretty sure Miles Morales is the plan for their series of animated Spider-Man movies that will ALSO have no relationship with the MCU.

So yeah, three simultaneously running movie franchises featuring Spiderman characters. Not confusing at all.

The other thing is, in order for Venom to exist in the state he does, THERE NEEDS TO BE A SPIDER-MAN!!! So either they completely change his origin, or establish that there is a Spider-Man in this universe but do not reveal him until Sony has full creative control.

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I feel like something like this happening was an inevitability the moment anyone started building a “cinematic universe”

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Sony’s like that friend who keeps having ideas that will clearly backfire, but he doesn’t realize it until the ideas do backfire.

Remember, Amazing Spider-Man 4 was supposed to come out next year. NEXT YEAR!

sony has made too much money from PS3fontman to give it up that easily

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Yep, this is my big problem.

I have this sinking feeling that it’s going to be a Spider-Man - light movie, where he’s alluded to but not a driving actor. Kind of like how Supergirl’s first season was, WRT to Superman.

In one hand, that’s annoying because he doesn’t get the Peter Parker foil, but on the other hand it would spare the continuity of the MCU.

Basically, Sony is so frikkin’ committed to capitalizing on that Venom gold, they’ll make this happen whether it makes sense or not. We saw it in SM3, it’ll happen again.

There are a small number of ways to make a Venom work in an anti-hero sense, especially considering they can’t just have him make dick jokes like you can with Deadpool. They would be better off making this a horror movie with Venom as the monster.