Anyone got cool concert plans?

Hey ya’ll, I’m currently in Vancouver with my siblings and we’re seeing Godspeed You! Black Emperor on June 4th and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard on the 5th. I’m super looking forward to it and hope King Gizz play Han-Tyumi.

Any of you doing anything similar? Share it here!

UPDATE: That. Was. The most incredible shit.

I haven’t been listening Godspeed for too long, so I couldn’t pick up too many individual cues, but I was still ascendant the whole damn time. Capitalism is disease. Death to fascism. That is all.

King Gizz is the best thing I’ve ever experienced. My pants fell down, twice and somebody pulled them back up the first time, which is the ultimate bro move. Friendliest mosh ever. Also snagged my fave album of theirs, Paper Mache Dream Balloon (As well as copies of Can’s Future Days, Murder of the Universe and Luciferean Towers earlier in the week). Song of the night was Digital Black/Vomit Coffin, but if only they’d played Road Train or Great Chain of Being! 5/5, would transcend universe again.

P.S. To make my travelogue video game related, I went to the EXP bar, got a new Street Fighter and Smash main, Gouken and R.O.B


I saw GY!BE during their first reunion tour a while back. They put on an incredible show; hope you have a great time!

I’ll finally be seeing one of my favorite bands, Hop Along, next weekend! Anyone who’s seen my posts in the ‘2018 Releases’ thread a couple months back will likely know just how much I enjoy the front woman, Frances Quinlan’s, singing – she’s seriously one of the best vocalists working today!


@trty0 I’m just over the Salish Sea on the island and I wish my broke ass could afford the ferry over and back and a place to stay for the night after the concert, much less the cost of tix to go see GY!BE…jealous!!!

Got a bunch of concerts I want to go see this month.
Hop Along
Skating Polly and Potty Mouth
Snail Mail
Japanese Breakfast
Soccer Mommy

I ended up not going to the last few concerts I was looking at due to anxiety but I really hope I’ll make it out to a couple at least


Missed out on Seattle tickets for GYBE, but I did manage to snag tickets to Waxahatchee/Courtney Barnett in the fall, as well as MBV (!!) next month. I’m extremely pumped!


you’re in for a treat with MBV, I saw them at the WaMu in Seattle in 2009 and they blew me tf away, I was front row right in front of Bilinda Butcher with a friend of mine having aural orgasms the whole night, I had no idea when I showed up to it that it’s a staple of theirs for live shows to do a rendition of “You Made Me Realise” (my favourite song of theirs, bar none, that I didn’t think they’d even do at all) with a 20 minute long version of that wall of noise section in the middle that’s like less than a minute on the EP and I literally felt like I was floating up through the ceiling and melting down through the floor simultaneously, seriously the absolute best concert experience of my life and I’ve been to a ton of concerts, also the loudest concert I’ve ever been to (the WaMu was handing out earplugs and signage was up being like “we’re not liable if you don’t put these earplugs in bc when they were practicing they clocked in louder than anything we’ve ever had on here before and this is a legal thing please wear these” and I of course didn’t wear them right tf up front and now have permanent ear damage…WORTH IT!!) and that’s saying something bc I’ve been to a lot of power electronics/harsh noise shows where some acts’ whole point is to be as loud and aurally abrasive as possible…but MBV volume is butter, it’s rich texture, it’s a loud I could listen to all day every day

god I want to see them live again sometime


I just bought single day tickets for a metal festival in July that contains Anthrax, Lamb of God, Napalm Death, Slayer, and Testament! :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:

This is actually my first festival (even though I’m only going for a day) and I’m not quite sure what to expect. Has anyone here ever been to a festival? And if so, what’d you think of it?

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I’m getting to see Janelle Monae on the final stop of her new tour in Atlanta at a fairly small venue. I’m so excited to spend a day in Atlanta, go to IKEA, get some good food, and see an amazing concert in Janelle’s “home town”.

going to see inter arma this week, and the top dawg ent championship tour next week. what’s not to love?

oh yeah, having all my personal info breached by ticketfly :frowning:

Picked up some Florence + The Machine tickets for November this year. That should be a good listen washed down with a few beers!

Finally will be seeing Flight of the Conchords in Manchester at the end of the month. Can’t wait.

I’m not supposed to know about this but my wife got me tickets to see Janelle in Toronto for my birthday. Super excited about it!

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Traveler’s Rest in Missoula, MT in August. Really looking forward to seeing great music in the mountains.

Skating Polly are fantastic and have great energy. I saw them a month or two ago here in Austin when they opened for Charly Bliss (who are also amazing live).

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I’m seeing Snail Mail and Camp Cope next month (two separate shows), Black Moth Super Rainbow in August, Social Distortion in September, and Courtney Barnett in October. Austin is a good place for live music, if anybody wasn’t already aware.


This was back in March, but it’s a highlight of this year for me. After it was sold out for two months on the day tickets went on sale, by pure chance and checking the facebook page for the event obsessively, I was able to get tickets to Mitski here. It was rad.

Saw ODESZA for the second and third time and Slushii for the first time last month, and I’m hoping to catch Kill The Noise next week!

Gotta love those Electronic Dance Music Shows :stuck_out_tongue:

going to Bullet for my Valentines

I am excited to see Oh Sees next month, I missed them last year and I am looking forward to some good Californian rocking.

My big vacation for the summer is going to be doing Newport Folk in July.

Seeing Jenny Lewis this week (got those tickets literally the day before she got added to the NFF lineup).