Anyone here LARP?


So I know that LARPing is often put in its own gaming category, since it has such a strong interaction with theater (ie, improv, costuming, etc), but I’m interested in seeing what other people’s reactions/interactions with LARPing have been! I’m fairly new-ish to LARP as a whole, and have only been to a few games myself.

So… do you LARP? If so, what games? What have your experiences been?


I’m also really new to LARPing but I had a bit more of a background in tabletop gaming. There was definitely an intimidation factor to start, but I lucked out in finding a group of people who as I whole I think are awesome and want to hang out with outside of the context of the game, so I can extend enough trust to let difficult situations come up. I’ve also started to get more into the outfit aspect of my characters and it’s kickstarted me writing out things about characters again!