Anyone like buckwheat tea?


Based on Chris Remo’s endorsement on Important If True, I bought some soba/buckwheat tea from Amazon. It’s very good and is a pleasing after dinner tea. I got a new favorite beverage! Anyone else like it? Any recommendations on which brands to try?


Oh man. I totally forgot I wanted to get some and try it.


Buckwheat tea is an underrated tea. #fuckthebritishteapatriarchy


The buckwheat tea is good for health, I always like to drink some after lunch or dinner.


I have been drinking buckwheat tea, taste good, but I often drink black tea or green tea, such as Dian black tea, Maojian like, are some of China’s tea


(Just for the reference of anyone else who had the same question in their head when reading this thread: 麥茶 is barley tea, not buckwheat tea.)


I just got back from a three week trip in Japan and lord is summer in Japan a good time to drink copious amounts of the stuff

I need to figure out where I can get packets in the states so I can brew my own


I’m not used to drinking buckwheat tea, I like oolong tea, it has a special scent