Anyone looking forward to Shenmue 3

I’m an avid fan of Shenmue 1 and 2 . It blew me away in the good old days as it were although that statement may be different for others.

The power of the Dreamcast at the time was amazing and here was this crazy game called Shenmue and you could say the rest is history …

Fast forward and Shenmue 3 is an actual thing now instead of internet rumours and the like…

Personally I’m hoping it really really doesn’t suck big time. I say this by going off the trailer that was released a few month back as I want to continue the story and find out what the hell happens after what can be described as one of the worst cliffhangers in a game ever :eyes:

I’m also hoping they drop a HD port of Shenmue 1&2 but may feel dated I think now but still be nice to have the option to purchase as well as giving newcomers a chance experience it .


Feel like I’m the only person who never played the originals even though I had a Dreamcast. I will likely pick up a HD collection of the first 2 before trying 3.

I played Shenmue 2 years ago on XBOX and I loved every moment of the game, truly a defining gaming experience for me.

I remember rushing the game towards the end because I wanted to see a big final duel with Lan Di, only to find that big cliffhanger and more questions unanswered…I backed the kickstarter for 3, and I am patiently waiting for the final product.

at this point i’m mostly just curious, because it feels like the rest of the world has moved on at this point, and series like Yakuza kinda took Shenmue’s interesting-at-the-time formula and ran with it, so i have no idea what S3 has to offer apart from continuing the story.

The first two Shenmue games are two of my all time favourites, so I am onboard regardless. Whether or not I am looking forward to it is a different matter entirely.

I feel incredibly anxious about it, I know it won’t live up to 2 and 3 in my head, mostly because I have held those two games (especially the first) up on a platform for so long that its tough for any game to come close. I say that knowing I have played better games since then, but Shenmue 1 and 2 are very much ‘time and place’ games for me. I loved the Dreamcast, for (despite) all its eccentricities, and those were my two favourite Dreamcast games.

I’m so curious to see if Shenmue 3 will play similarly to the first two games, and if it does, to see what quality-of-life changes are implemented. I adore these dumb games but I don’t know if I have the patience for a new Shenmue if it doesn’t respect my time.

Yes indeed! I backed the Kickstarter and I’m extremely hyped to continue the story after so long. HD release of 1 & 2 please!


I had never heard of Shenmue before 3 was announced, but after watching the Giant Bomb Endurance Run of it I’m now super excited for it. Even though their entire playthrough they dunked on it, I was still able to see that had I been old enough when it came out I would have loved Shenmue. I am curious to see if Shenmue 3 will be able to appeal to “modern” gamers while still keeping the charm of the first one.

I’m definitely going to play it just to know what it is. I’ve tried to play the first game but came to it so late that I could just not wrap my head around the controls. Like I got them, I just did not want to ever use them.

I watched the Giant Bomb ER of it, though, and hope they eventually get to 2, because the only way I can see myself ever playing them is if they get rereleased with analogue controls

So I don’t have the reverence for the series that would make me super excited for 3, but it’s like this cultural moment in gaming that I really want to get in there and be a part of it and see what it’s going to be like

(I am however a HUGE Yakuza fan, and while I know that’s not at all the same thing, I hope Shenmue 3 adopts some of the more modern design choices from Yakuza)

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I’ve never been as excited about a game to the same extent I’m pumped for Shenmue 3. I don’t expect it to look good or play well, I just want to see what comes next in the story.

Only downer is that nothing is going to bring me back to how Shenmue 2 made me feel. Curled up over holiday break with my first-ever import title (the EU version for the Dreamcast), it was mind-blowing to me how it managed to be four or five times larger than Shenmue, which itself already felt like the largest immersive world I’d encountered. Shenmue 3 can’t replicate that.

I just wish there was a way for me to tamp down my own expectations. It’s going to be hard for anything to meet them at this point.

I was excited during the E3 announcement. But then that last trailer happened…now, I’m not very excited at all.

It’s difficult to get excited since they showed so little.

I’m actually worried about the state of the game. Shenmue fans are so passionate that I want them to have the game that they deserve.

The first one was special in that it managed to really bring me into the world and life of this character in a way that felt like it was limitless. You probably had to be a certain age for it to hit you like that. Basically the GTA 3 “You can do anything!” thing. Except in Shenmue it was all about the details and minutiae, a word I will never be certain of how to spell. It was also superimpressive on a technical level.

I still think the design sensibilities of those games are interesting and know it’s something I’ve continued to appreciate in more recent games like Fahrenheit and Gone Home. Whether Shenmue 3 will be successful at bringing its particular brand of it into the modern era is something I’m looking forward to finding out. I do not expect it to break new ground, but I hope it manages to get that feel right.



Yakuza and Shenmue may have plenty of similarities, but they’re far from being the same. It’s kind of like sim and arcade racing games. Ostensibly the same genre, different feel and appeal. Yakuza has breakdance fighting, Shenmue has searching your drawers for batteries.

The original Shenmue creeped me out with its static bodies and moving faces.

I’m not in on this one.

I’m very excited for it, but with the understanding its likely a rather small budget game and the production quality will likely reflect that.

I really adore the first Shenmue, funny enough i’ve never played the sequel. I’ve been holding off recently as i’m hoping they’ll be a re-release prior to 3’s launch.

Shenmue is the greatest game ever made. I backed 3 and am looking forward to it. However I’m under no illusion that it will be some great masterpiece. If it captures a smidgen of the magic of the first two games, I will be happy.

Its a long time coming, but Lan Di is finally going to have a boot up his ass.

I’ve not played any of the Shenmue games and at this point I feel like starting them now in 2017 would ruin it. I guess I’ll just read a wiki and then play it when it comes out?

Yu Suzuki has said that Shenmue 3 is not going to conclude the story.

Prepare for:


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