Anyone played Morphite, or have any interest in it?

I have just stumbled across this whilst checking out some Mario stuff on the Switch Reddit. It looks kinda neat? I bought No Man’s Sky at the start of the year as it was £10 and I had an enjoyable 10 hours or so but I struggle to play PS4 games these days and I felt a bit lost throughout my time with it.

Morphite seems to be a bit like that, but with more action and puzzles and, um, stuff. And it’s coming to the Switch, which is where I play 90% of my games now. Looks like it is a multi-platform release though, so I wondered if others had been following the development and/or had played it. I looked at other games by Blowfish but don’t recognise any of them, which could be a good or bad thing as I am a bit behind the times. I also looked at some reviews on Steam, but that ended after about a minute as, well, it seems Steam reviews are terrible (based on this very small sample size).