Anyone rocking a Hackintosh? (OS X running on PC components)


I’m interested in real-world experience with running a Hackintosh PC. I haven’t built a PC for fifteen years or something, and have been a linux and then Mac user (at home, anyway; j-o-b-job is a windows shop) for most of that time. But for some reason I’m thinking that it would be fun to:

  1. Put together a new PC, and
  2. Keep using OS X on it for most purposes, but
  3. Have enough horsepower that it would be a decent machine for dual-booting over to Windows and doing some gaming.

I’ve been casually surfing The Hackintosh Method, which is a nice clearinghouse of parts and links, and which doesn’t quite assume the obsessiveness and encyclopedic experience that lies only one click away in the serious-hackingtosher forums.

So I’m wondering: Has anyone built and successfully maintained one of these? Would a machine specced like one at Hackintosh Method make a reasonable Windows PC for gaming at, say, the 80th percentile of graphics quality?


I made one many years ago, but my entire goal was to make the cheapest one possible. The end result was like $250 not including the monitor thanks to a cheap processor with on-chip graphics.

It got the job done. I was able to run QLab and Logic on it, though I had to edit the Logic installer to remove the graphics card check :stuck_out_tongue:

It still works, but all the software is outdated and updating it would be more of a pain than I’m willing to go through considering I no longer need it.

If anything, it’s probably easier to set one up now considering how many years have passed. You just have to make sure that your components are things that OSX is willing to acknowledge.

I can’t say much about the specifics on that website, but I think it’s probably a little outdated considering it lists a GTX 950 for the video card and I don’t think they even make those any more. You’d probably want a newer/better one.


Thanks for the feedback! It has been a very long time since I spoke Graphic Card, so appreciate your perspective on that.

The card selected there is likely for confirmed compatibility more than overall capability, which seems to be the key tradeoff with the hackintosh. I’ll explore and see if I can find more about newer/more powerful cards that are still well-supported.

I’m also not sure what the state of software updates is like, so that’s another point of consideration for me.