Anyone Wanna be in a Running Club?

Hey everyone,

It’s warm out now, which means I’m going to be running a lot! I just switched to RunKeeper to keep track of my runs (it’s a free app with IAP), and am loving the social aspect of the app (I’m in a run group with some basketball friends).

Would a run group be something that has interest here? No pressure or git gud mentality, just mutual encouragement, support, and exchange of foam rolling techniques to push us to hit the treadmill/track and put some mileage on your feet?


I’d be totally down!

Sounds good to me! I need to go to the gym but don’t always want to, so a group would be great motivation.

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Dm me your emails once you’ve signed up! :slight_smile:

Will there be feet discussion?

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My body is a sack of rusty hammers and I lack the motivation to change that, so this seems like a good idea.

YES. I used to run a bit some years ago, but work got in the way. Now that I’m graduating from college I’ve got more time and would love to get back into it!

I’ll try and get this set up tomorrow. The way groups work is you set a goal for the group, im gonna make it super attainable: run 2x a week! nothin else beside that. just get out there and do a sweat thing

I’m in. I live near Philly if anyone ever wants to meet up locally or run a 5k together or something

This sounds great. This season will be the first I can comfortably run again since I had a foot injury for about 1.5 years.

I would definitely be interested! I’ll get this set up later tonight.

Definitely interested if you’re still adding people!

(Though timezones and notifications could be a thing!)

I felt pretty good a few years back using run keeper so maybe when I replace this running gear that definitely doesn’t fit anymore I’d be down. the social aspect might help

Hey yall, feeling a bit under the weather right now (just a cold, nothin serious), gonna try and get this set up this weekend.

Can our running club be called the feet clan?


I’d be interested once you get this up and… running.

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Damn it a running club AND it got feet?

Count me in on this. This is one of my goals for 2018 and I’ve been super slacking on it, so some motivation would be gravy.

Update: I added everyone here to a group DM where we can exchange usernames/emails and stuff like that. If you want in, let me know here or via DM. Runkeeper can also track non-running workouts, but I don’t think they count toward challenges. So if you’re lifting or something you can be a part of the good vibes and encouragement at the very least!

Ya me! Awesome idea.