Anyone want to get burritos


Hi welcome to El Mexicana what can I get you?

  • A burrito please
  • I think I’ll go with a burrito, today
  • BU, RI, TO. BU, RI, TO. BU, RI, TO.

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What size would you like?

  • Regular - £5.29
  • Large - £6.29

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Mexican rice or Lime and Coriander rice?

  • Mexican
  • Lime and Corriander

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Black Beans or Refried Beans?

  • Black Beans
  • Refried Beans

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Peppers and Onions?

  • Ye
  • Nah

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What filling would you like?

  • Chargrilled Chicken
  • Chicken Tinga
  • Carnitas(Pulled Pork)
  • Barbacoa(Pulled Beef) - 50p extra
  • Beef Chilli
  • Vegetable Chilli
  • Vegetarian(extra peppers, onions, beans and guac)

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Extra filling?

  • U better beleive it
  • Absolutely not

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  • Cheese me, baybee
  • Good HEAVENS no

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  • Load that shit UP - 70p extra
  • I am a millenial and thus cannot afford to be spending my hard earned money on Avocados when the Property Market calls me so sweetly

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Soured Cream?

  • Hell YEAH
  • Not this time thank you

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  • Spice me up GOOD

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  • Gimme the CRONCH
  • Lettuce be done with this farce. (No.)

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What salsa would you like?

  • Pico (mild)
  • Tomatillo (medium)
  • Chipotle (Spicy)
  • Picante (Super Spicy)
  • Inferno (To Go Even Further BEYOND(Very Spicy))

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Any drinks?

  • Water - £1.30
  • Orange juice - £1.90
  • Apple Juice - £1.90
  • Tropical Fruit Juice - £1.90
  • Pepsi/Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Max - £1.85
  • Appletiser - £2.00
  • J20 Apple and Mango - £2.00
  • J20 Orange and Passion Fruit - £2.00
  • J20 Apple and Raspberry -£2.00
  • How dare you suggest I was thirsty. I have never been thirsty. I will never be thirsty.

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Thank you enjoy your meal


Where’s my burrito! Where’s my burrito!


So uh…I can’t see large overstuffed burritos and not think of this imgur post from a couple years back.

Moral of the story, there’s a right and wrong way to construct burritos folks!


Thankfully at the El Mexicana I frequent the staff know their shit, nae filling distribution problems there. I did once get La Beast(14in tortilla, you get to pick 2 fillings), and also got extra fillings, and that shit was legendary. Couldn’t finish it. Wish I’d saved the rest for later.

Also, yall sleepin’ on the chargrilled chicken. That’s some good shit.


Deep fry that burrito when it’s done


CaptainMorton this is the most valid I’ve felt in years. the UK is a disaster

also incredibly right about the chargrilled chicken


this is the burrito line bud. go to the chimichanga line if you want one so bad, you’re holdin us up here


This is late capitalism, the customer is always right


Also I noticed a slight typo. The Bean selection poll is missing a “Beans don’t belong in a burrito. Or anywhere near my body for that matter, thanks” option. Just thought I’d point that out : )


Appologies, I didn’t know perverts like you existed.

(does adding a new option reset polls? If it doesn’t I’ll add it)


I guess this means I have to reveal myself as a fellow bean-hater in solidarity

I’ll see myself over to the quesadilla line


as someone who has once made an unearthly amount of polls: i dont believe you can edit polls after they’re made (or it just resets them? i dont remember)


sounds like the Bean Demons will have to settle for not voting in the Bean poll.

And to clarify, genuinely never enountered such sentiment before. Baffling. Beyond all earthly pales. Sincere apologies to all wronged parties.


I just spent the last minute waiting for that awning to drop.


I am 100% using “Bean Demon” as an online persona or nickname sometime in the future lol.

Other than @SecretSeashell above, I’ve only ever met one person who sees beans for the lies they truly are. But hey, we are out there!


I demand nay expect my burrito to have both the tomatillo and the chipotle salsas!


Charging for water?! What’s that about?


its like bottled water


A bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast burrito for me, please.


Hello, excuse me? when you say “coriander”, do you mean cilantro or coriander seeds? I can eat the seeds but not the leafs.

Also does anything here have cilantro? I can’t eat it.

As you can tell, I am an extremely easy to handle customer who does not irritate anybody