Anyone want to get burritos


How is guacamole a tie? Are half of you machines?


I have a mortgage, therefore I cannot afford avocado. It’s science, duh. :stuck_out_tongue:


75% of us are eating burritos with extra filling, we’re not going to be around for 30 years to finish that mortgage. Guac it up, they can’t pump the extra money out of your corpse.


As in, you need to be a machine in order to tolerate it? Avocado tastes like bland mush to me, so I never saw the appeal.

If it wasn’t apparent before, y’all can see I have food THOUGHTS.


no pinto beans available? :frowning:


If I bring in a can of pintos from home will you put them in mine? Should I bring the can opener too


hello i forgot the brits call cilantro “coriander” i would like to change my order. also what is mexican rice to a brit? legitimately curious


I genuinely have no idea what Mexican Rice actually consists of in this context. It’s orange. It’s good. I pretty much always go for it.


This phrasing doesn’t have a lot of resonance to me tbh. A spicy* rice of some kind?

(P.S. Fun fact! ‘Mexican Coke’ is actually the standard Coke in the EU. American Coke is the weird one.)

* In the context of the UK, notorious for under-seasoning their food, so take this spice with a grain of salt


I always forget that on that side of the atlantic if you want free water you have to specify tap water

“mexican” rice usually has tomato paste and chicken broth and maybe onion and other spices in it. but the reddish-yellow color is from the tomato.

lettuce in a burrito is a crime against texture and I will not abide it.


The dark color can also come from toasting the rice grains before adding the liquid. The way I was taught had me putting a recipe’s worth of dry rice into a sauce pan, adding a proportional amount of cooking oil, and flipping it over and over on med-high heat for around 10 minutes until just before you think you’re about to start a fire. It’s delicious!


At the time of writing, the Official Waypoint Burrito is:

Large, with Mexican Rice, Black Beans, Peppers and Onions, a sisable ammount of Pulled Pork filling, a quality Cheesing, some Good Old Fashioned Guac, a dollop of Soured Cream, plus Jalapeños and lettuce for spice and crunch, topped off with tomatillo salsa.

Solid choice.


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