‘Apex Legends’ New Arena Mode Is Perfect For New and Returning Players

Battle Royale games are generally typified by their long engagement ranges. For the majority of a match snipers will reign supreme, and catching someone off guard or avoiding conflicts outright will get you to the final circles. In those final circle, the engagement range drops dramatically, and you’re more than likely to be face to face with other players for the first time in the entire match. This late game change can be disorienting for players that are new to battle royales, and means that unless you purposefully engage with enemies early on it can be difficult to practice and get a handle on the different projectile models different gun options have.

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I updated Apex Legends for the first time in like 9 months and played Arenas over the weekend. Gita’s thorough and enthusiastic breakdown of the mode prepped me for a great time and I am looking forward to playing more.


One caveat, playing without a pre-made team results in a major variance in match quality. More than a couple times I’ve had a team member quit after losing round 1, which basically makes the rest of the match a write-off.

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I gotta get my old Apex gang together again for this

I haven’t touched any Battle Royale game but have been following the discourse casually since PUBG brought it to the mainstream a couple years ago. It always sounded to me, from what I saw of Patrick, Austin and the Giantbomb crew, that part of the joy was the tense adventure before things kicked into high gear as the walls closed in. Danielle and the Fanbyte crew recently asked on their pod whether the BR formula had room to keep things fresh. It’s just interesting to me that in this case it seems like BR is wrapping back around to something a bit like traditional deathmatch. Like, this kinda sounds to me like when Titanfall 2 introduced the Live Fire gamemode but this time there’s no wall running.

And to be clear, this is not me grumpy-old-man-ing from my lawn that everyone should return to gamemodes I prefer. I’m mostly a single-player person anyhow, so I’m perfectly content to watch this evolve from the sidelines.


That’s how you know Apex is really taking on CSGO and Valorant.


all I can think listening to apex legends discussion is, yeah, the shooting in respawn games IS good!! I sure goddamn wish titanfall was still around, so I could get in fun low stakes gunfights!

i feel like i’ve heard that titanfall 2’s pc multiplayer is quite lively these days due to Apex!

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