App wrapper! Maybe?

I know this is probably a super niche request out of all the things, but as someone who only uses this forum on mobile, having a dedicated app that contains waypoint or even just the forums would be so tight. I did the whole “add this to your home screen” kinda deal which gives me an app-like experience, but a fully functional web app wrapper would be real slick.

That said, huge props to y’all on making these forums work so so so well on mobile! I do wonder how many other folks exclusively are posting/browsing forums on mobile and if this is more of an edge case versus normal thing?

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Hi! Thanks for letting us know.

In case you didn’t already know the forum is using a software called Discourse. Discourse has an app for at least IPhones (possibly android to) that you can use to sign in to this forum for an easier time navigating on mobile. As for the main website there is a Vice app as well that let’s you read all the articles and watch videos from the different Vice verticals including Waypoint.

I hope this helped in some way!


I do probably half of my forum browsing on mobile, doing the same home screen app thing. Looks like there is an android version of the Discourse app too, but for me that mobile web app thing works perfectly fine.

This looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for. When adding these forums to the app, what’s the website url to enter?

This rules. Super helpful. Thank you!

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Thanks! (need more characters, NMC?)