Apple Just Removed 'Fortnite' From the App Store

Until today, the only way to buy the Fortnite in-game currency for buying cosmetics, V-Bucks, on an iOS or Android device was to use Apple or Google’s in-house payment system. Now, it’s possible to bypass Apple and Google’s payment system, pay Fortnite developer Epic Games directly, and save money. Buying 1,000 V-Bucks costs $10 if you purchase it through Apple or Google and only $8 if you purchase it through Epic. It’s the exact same item but cheaper—and Apple and Google don’t get a cut.

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So yeah, this is planned.

Epic is already marketing the fuck out of this. It was the plan all along.

Neither Epic nor Apple have any ethical business practices. Neither deserve to be given consideration or sympathy over what is happening here. These are Rich People Doing More Things To Become Even More Rich


The faux 1984 presentation they’re giving in-game is honestly on the same level of creepy corporate propaganda as the stuff I’d see while working at one of the Apple offices. These two reprehensible companies deserve each other.


So Epic are weaponising their Fortnite fan base, which consists largely of children… #freeFortnite… urgh…

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