Apple TV - Do you like yours?


I’ve been thinking about getting one of the 4K Apple TV boxes, but I’ve never used one and I don’t know how well they are liked.

Do you like your Apple TV?


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AppleTV is a good device in general, and is a very good device if you have movies/etc in the Apple ecosystem already. There are lots of streaming content apps from providers (notably absent is Amazon Prime but they promise that is forthcoming). I’ve never found much of a use for the non-TV-style apps on it like games and stuff, or fitness apps — but those may fit perfectly into others’ uses. Most purchased content from iTunes will still be streamed, so there isn’t much reason to get the larger capacity models.

I hear the 4K version works really well with the new update to allow playing content in native resolution.

I think my bottom line would be: If you just want Netflix, there are cheaper ways to get it to your TV. But if you have iTunes universe content that you want on your TV, it’s a really nice device and works quite well.


Our Apple TV is used almost exclusively for Airplay-ing media from phones and tablets to the TV. It works spectacularly well for that, but if that’s not important to you and you own a console, feel free to skip it.


I’m considering upgrading my 3rd Gen Apple TV to the 4K just for the native resolution/framerate features, though I really can’t find much that can justify the more expensive model if you’re only on a 1080p TV.
AirPlay works pretty seamlessly for all videos on the iPhone (especially since I use Infuse on iOS for any offline movies/TV etc), it’s just that 60hz for watching films does feel really weird if you’re one for noticing things like that.


I find the interface and OS speed for watching stuff on Netflix/YouTube/whatever preferable on my Apple TV compared to PS4 or Xbone. And since I already have an iPhone, I’ve more or less committed to being in the iTunes media ecosystem. It’s a nice device even if you have things that can perform the same functionality. Two things to also consider:

  • Other devices don’t have very good built-in podcast players, or any at all in some cases
  • There is no native Twitch app


Yeah, I really enjoy mine, but I can’t speak as to whether there are better alternatives to it. I’m using mine mostly for renting movies on iTunes, streaming via Plex and occasionally watching something on Youtube. In general I just feel like it does everything I expect it to without any form of hassle, menus, etc, are very quick, and explaining how to use it to others was very easy.


My current set up with the 4K Chromecast and Nexus Player requires me to close and reopen the Twitch app every time I want to switch streams. Is that the same experience you have with the Apple TV?


There’s an unofficial Twitch app on Apple TV, but it’s a paid app so I haven’t tried it. Considering it isn’t natively supported, I can’t imagine it’s an ideal way to watch streams.


I recently merged my Vudu, Google Play, iTunes & DIsney digital lockers with Movies Anywhere and now some of my HDX purchases are showing up as 4K in the TV app on my iPhone. Really interested to see stuff like The Mummy (1999), Close Encounters, Independence Day, in 4K even if it’s just a streaming version.

Netflix & Amazon would probably still mostly run off the TV with it having those buttons built into the remote.


Yes, I’m really happy with how good my TV’s app for Netflix is – basically equivalent to the AppleTV version. That actually cut down our AppleTV usage quite a bit. The built-in Amazon app is much slower and glitchy, but for now it’s all I have for that service.


really not a fan


I was not a fan of apple TV 'cause I always had some lags with internet connection. I started to use VPN but it didn’t work. Then I read some guide with proxy server connection. I gave it a try and voila. Everything works perfect, now I can easily stream the video.


Plex on AppleTV is great, but if that is all you use it for, there are cheaper ways to get it on the TV. What I’ve found is that there are many streaming services with an iPad app but no AppleTV app. I routinely stream from the app with AirPlay to the TV for a comfortable couch viewing experience.

I have not delved into 4K yet.