Apples or Oranges

People say you can’t compare them but I think we should. So what’s it going to be, apples or oranges?

  • Apples
  • Oranges

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It honestly depends on the type. For example: Granny Smith > everything else (Yes, really), but I’d slam a half dozen mandarin’s before I eat a red delicious


Oranges forever oh my god inject the acidic sweetness directly into my spinal interneuron so I can not just eat it and drink it but also live and be it


I’m trying but I can’t do it. This is impossible.

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This was the hardest choice I had to make in weeks.

If you eat them: Apples. If you drink them: Oranges. If you want to do both: Apricot.

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My heart says Navel Oranges. Sliced, because we have the technology and it is good.

But let’s break it down to be fair,

Raw: Orange slices are delicious and fun to eat. Apples have crunch, but I think it’s oranges by a peel.
Juice: Orange Juice is good and pulp can be tuned to taste. Apple Juice is boredom manifest. point oranges.
Pie: Orange Pie does not exist, point apples.
Smoothie: Apple Smoothies? iew. point Oranges.
Sauce: Marmalade vs Applesauce. As I am no longer a toddler, Marmalade. Oranges.
Tea: While both go nicely in an herbal tea, only Orange goes well with proper tea. Oranges.
Science: Oranges can teach you fractions, apples taught newton gravity. Apples.
CW alcohol Adult beverages: Apple Cider is a drink for everyone. Triple Sec is the devil’s liquid. Apples.
Candy: Candied Apples, vs Chocolate Oranges. While Chocolate oranges are contraversial, I think just about everyone hates candied apples. Oranges.
Pac-Man: Orange 500pts, Apple 700pts. Apples

Oranges: the clearly superior fruit.


it’s swings and roundabouts, really


((yes I KNOW ‘swings and roundabouts’ has a different meaning but look, it sort of works, okay))

From a purely objective standpoint I eat way more apples than oranges. Besides I’d ditch orange juice in a second if it meant I could never drink apple cider again.

Tough call. In their raw state, I largely prefer apples - but one time I went to a bougie restaurant for breakfast anr they cut away all the white from the orange pieces and it was really good. And I’ll second trty0, Red Delicious are fake foods that should only appear on cartoon teachers’ desks.

Culinarily, oranges > apples. Orange in marinades and brines, orange sauces on poultry, chocolate oranges. You can’t zest an apple. I do like apple sauce, and the only marmalade I’ve ever liked was apricot-bergamot, so no oranges there. But I’m not a big apple pie person, so apples really fall short here.

But I hate orange juice. I don’t love apple juice, but (non-alcoholic) cider is great. Apples eek the victory for that, but know that I’d still universally pick a pear over either. :pear:

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Oranges, because they’re boneless.


The phrase was never “Pears & Apples & Oranges” because Pear wins every time.


Raw it’s orange. Having only recently tried apple cider for the first time recently is the tough part but plain apple juice hits weirdly enough times for me that orange gets the nod

Orange seeds are like tooth shattering if you accidentally bite them, but they’re much easier to separate from the good parts!

Yeah but you ever get a not so great orange where the inner skin is pretty tough? That part makes my skin crawl.

CW Alcohol

Also while I’m strongly for apple cider either with or without alcohol I would take pear or pineapple cider over it any day.

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Oranges would take it for me, but juicing is just so difficult.


There’s gotta be a better way!

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Autumn is my favorite season, so I’m an apple man all the way. That’s not to say that I dislike oranges, but apples dance with cinnamon and clove and brown sugar a lot better than oranges do and those are some of my favorite flavors. The greatest dessert I’ve ever had was a homemade apple crisp with homemade salted caramel ice cream.


Eating: Orange
Drinking: Apple

also :eyes:

it's a tie!

I’m not a big apple person overall but I will say that when the harvest comes in my neck of the US oh my God I make so many apple pies and eat so many apple cider donuts and drink so much apple cider fuuuuck yessss


Pears are delicious, but I also hate them with a passion because they are perfectly ripe for exactly 15 seconds and it’s always when you step away to take a leak or something.

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