Aquabats Got a Kickstarter

The Kickstarter just launched today. $1.1 million to make and extra long episode and a new album. But also they mention that they’re doing this Kickstarter in order to hopefully attract major tv networks and streaming platforms to pick up their show since The Hub is gone.

I’m excited, but it sucks that no one will pick them up unless they can prove themselves with this crowd funding campaign.


Between this and the Kickstarter for the Trogdor game, it’s like the internet of 15-20 years ago just woke up and invaded Kickstarter.

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omg, I haven’t seen the link for the trogdor game

Yeah, I shoulda dumped it in my comment!

bless you for posting this

I was way into the Aquabats when I was a teen (made the trip to Summit, still have the outfit in my closet, etc) so it’s cool to see all sorts of people coming out to show their support. Really hope this goes well for them.

At least they can say that their network died instead of that they got cancelled. shakes emmy at camera

$1.1M is a lot of cash and if I’m being honest with myself those rewards are pretty expensive. $77 is the lowest tier that actually lets you download the full first season, which seems like a lot. But as a third wave ska kid since the olde dayes at whom a full bucket of spaghetti was thrown at an Aquabats show circa 1998, I support this endeavor.

Looks like they’re updating their YouTube channel over time with the story being MC Bat Commander trying to get the band back together. If you haven’t watched the Kickstarter video, I’m going to also embed it here as well.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

They have new kickstarter now until Sept 29th. Their old one got cancelled. The rewards seem better laid out.