Aquamarine: A sci-fi exploration game about resources, ecosystems, and deciphering the unknown


Waypoint is the reason I started making games. When this forum got together and launched the New Jam City annual game jam, I took it as my cue to finally try something I’ve always wanted to do and make a game. (Here’s what I made btw, it’s not great but an idea I still like.) More than one year and a bunch more experiments later, I’ve got a full-fledged game in production with a team of wildly talented indie developers.

Aquamarine is a point-and-click exploration game about a nameless traveler marooned on an unknown planet covered in water. Through navigating the alien ocean depths and deciphering the ecosystem, you try to survive long enough to forge ahead and recover your crashed ship.

The gameplay is sort of a mix between roguelikes, adventure games, and elements of the survival genre. It’s also turn-based, with an emphasis on defensive tactics and maneuvers over combat, but is pretty fast-paced once you get the hang of it. The game challenges you to take risks and learn from the consequences, requiring perseverance and taking the time to understand your surroundings. We have a free demo on Itch right now, and are running a Kickstarter campaign, too. Any support is immensely appreciated.


Oh, and if you do end up playing the demo, there’s a really great breakdown of the game world on Alpha Beta Gamer, plus some tips and a handy “cheat code” if needed. I suggest you go in totally blind, but to each their own :slight_smile:


Is that Moebius-style art I see? Nice. The world needs more of that.


Yes, good eye! His work, especially World of Edena, was the primary inspiration for the game and its aesthetic. And I totally agree that the world needs more of it. Think at this point it’s just us and Sable flying the Moebius flag, in the gaming world anyway. :slight_smile: