Arcade Games - Coin Operated Goodness


Near and dear to my heart and often forgotten despite being one of the most prolific parts in all of video games. Arcade games. Let’s talk about them.

Hamster has been doing work, even on the Switch. Playing any of those Neo Geo releases? Have you played Neo Turf Masters? No? What are you doing with your life! Go!

M2 has been killing it with the ShotTriggers line. Dangun Feveron just came out a few days ago on Japanese PSN and it is great! I mean just listen to this track.

Have a particular arcade game or genre you are fond of? Working on a 1CC? Favorite cabinet art? Personally I’ve always found the Galaxian art to be incredibly cool. Let’s discuss these beautiful, enormous video game boxes and all that is good about them.

No arcade thread is complete without a Metal Slug gif (and bonus GunForce). It is law.


There’s so many neat bars with arcade cabinets now, lots of Galagas and Donkey Kongs which is great…

but I’ve never been able to find a cabinet of my one true love, Sinistar, in the wild. Only one I ever found was at some multi-story playpark thing in Orlando.


There is a Killer Queen cabinet not far from where I live. That game is fantastic, if you ever find yourself near one of those do yourself a favor and make sure you’ve played it at least once. Its great.


It’s not exactly a “classic” arcade game, but my mom and I played a lot of Area 51 when I was a kid and I’ve always enjoyed it. I don’t see it very often anymore. I visited a local arcade in a mall a few months ago and they had a broken Site 4 cabinet shoved in a back corner.


All eras welcome! Light gun games in particular have had a rough go of it lately. There was a nice little resurgence with the motion control/pointer boom with Wii/PS Move, but looks like that has also gone the way of the dodo, unfortunately.


Back in high school, on a band trip, I went to one of those arcades that had a pseudo credit card thing that let you buy unlimited play for X amount of time. My best friend at the time and I beat House of the Dead and House of the Dead 2.

Turns out when credits aren’t a thing anymore those games are pretty easy to beat!


I always had a soft spot for WWF WrestleFest. I might have only played it a few times as a kid, but I couldn’t ever get over how good that game looked. I ended up buying the board so I could have it in my own game collection.