Arcadia: The History of the Nintendo Game Boy

Modern gaming owes so much to Nintendo's Game Boy, a handheld with beefy battery life and serious design talent behind its most beloved games.

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I don’t have sound at the moment, but that teardown sequence looks super stylish

I hate being that guy, but it really bothered me when the battery was put in upside down at 0:15.

I like the style of this video. This Game Boy has the same side-of-screen pixel loss mine did. Is that my Boy???

I wouldn’t have minded if there was a little more trivia, like how the Game Boy and its iterations have become the most popular musical instrument for chiptune artists. Similar to the Cardboard video from yesterday, I feel that this hints at a cooler, deeper feature but stays a little too on the surface of what people already know.

Can’t wait to see what comes tomorrow!

I’m worse, it bothered me when Rob said “Final Fantasy” instead of “SaGa” or “the Mana series”

There aren’t all that many gaming topics that can make me nostalgic, but the original Game Boy is one of them. I’d watch more of this, by which I mean I’d watch more of this series but also that I wish this specific episode was longer, since I felt like I was just getting into it when it ended. I know it’s pretty much impossible to sate everyone’s desire for #content when producing these videos, but it would be cool to have more context of what gaming hardware was like when the Game Boy was released or more anecdotes about its legacy. Alternatively, I think the short format would work great if the focus was on less popular games and systems from a few decades ago since the majority of games from that time have been all but forgotten.

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My main takeaway here is that I think Rob should narrate more videos.


His voice is so soothing. Good Voice Zacny.

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I will never get sick of seeing a Gameboy being taken apart.

To be really real for a moment:

I got pretty excited that it was feminine brown skin hands doing the tear down.

Brown women do exist, y’all!