Are clothes just comfy sandwiches?


Well, what are they?


:thinking: Food for thought.


Part of me desperately wants to argue that they’re more of a cabbage roll.

The rest is advising me not to make myself complicit in this.


I think it’s more that people in clothes are sandwiches.

Making us the lunchmeat.


calling something “sandwich” is just yet another expression of the oft-repeated human pattern of attempting to make sense of an inherently chaotic and unfair universe. so, sure, why not, call it a sandwich. it will not help you


I choose to think of sandwiches as delicious clothes.


I believe in a meaning-is-use model of meaning in language, and that these sandwich definition debates serve as a very good illustration of why trying to assign meaning by definition instead see meaning as a by-product of usage is a futile project doomed to failure and at best only serves to create fake problems.

On the other hand, yeah, probably.


Yes. Absolutely.