Are cookies a sandwich?

i mean, they’re basically bread and the fixings are a little more evenly distributed than other sandwiches.

like a chocolate chip cookie with chips oozing is like its lettuce hanging out from under the bun

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This madness must end.


By this logic, slices of bread with stuff baked in like PB&J swirl bread or like even whole wheat bread would be a sandwich all on its own and, no, no no no.

EDIT: cookies are more of a casserole

If everything is a sandwich, nothing is.

Are cookies made out of yeast or is yeast one of the ingredients that goes into making cookies?

Cookies are bread. Bread that can be used to make sandwiches if you want.

At first, bread autocorrected to “breast” and I giggled. I’m five.

cookies are absolutely a sandwich.

next question

whats a sandwich?

is Link a sand witch? yes


Only if you put ice cream between them. Fuck off.

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I hate this. I hate sandwiches. I hate the internet. I hate everything.

Is ahca a sandwich?

if cookies were sandwiches then there wouldn’t be sandwich cookies QED.