Are Dinosuars Birds?

  • Yes, Dinobirds!
  • No Dinosaurs were cooler before…
  • Asteroids win every time…

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I mean because animals yo!


So here is a thing I love. Modern birds are dinosaurs. When you buy frozen dino chicken nuggets THEYRE ACTUALLY MADE FROM DINO MEAT.


To be That Guy™:
Dinosuar is not a true biological or taxological category, much like fish. Many of the animals that are considered dinosaurs are predecessors to birds and could be considered birds, but many others are predecessors to reptiles and mammals or of nothing that exists today because their lines died out. Many dinosaurs don’t fit into modern day taxological classes so we really can’t describe them as “bird”, “reptile”, or “mammal”.



oh wait this is a dinosaur feather thread i was gonna make a sweet venn diagram but now there’s no reason to


no, birds are dinosaurs


Actually, they’re an open-faced sandwich #TheMoreYouKnow


Wait, what do you mean by that
school taught me fish was a thing


No actually they are a pizza…

(More seriously, dinosaurs aren’t birds because birds came later. Technically?)


dinosaurs are cars


I like the idea of Dinobirds. Coaelsquid’s renditions of knee-high, toothy chickens are incredibly cute.


Fish are a paraphyletic group; there are evolutionary branches descended from fish that we don’t consider to be fish.

That said, when it comes to dinosaurs, I like to view them as a monophyletic group, allowing birds to be dinosaurs.


what i’m reading is turtles are fish


Etymologically speaking, “fish” can mean anything that lives entirely underwater, so sea turtles are fish. Of course, language is ever evolving so in more modern usage the definition has shrunk, but basically “fish” is not at all a scientific name. It is used to describe a (scientifically) arbitrary group of creatures, same with dinosaur.