Are face masks the new tie or belt?

So I had the misfortune of losing internet sometime in the middle of the night and had to come into the office this morning because my ISP couldn’t get someone out till Monday.

My office is pretty much a ghost town but the few people I’ve seen have picked face masks that match their clothing unlike me who was happy to just have a few plain beige ones my mom made. This has left me wondering if we have truly reached a point where people are buying face masks that go with their wardrobe. As someone who is already bad at fashion this has left me shook.

Are we going to see different fashion tiers of face masks? Will kids in school be bedazzling their face masks and teasing those who can’t get designer brand masks? Will there be fall and spring style face masks? Will casual Friday apply to face mask designs?

These are all important questions but I feel the most pressing is determining what color the mask needs to be. Does it follow belt rules in that it should match your shoes or does it follow tie rules and should compliment your shirt/dress/suit?


I can’t wait to tell everyone in the office that “no one cared who I was til I put on the mask” I bet I’m the first who’s thought of it


It’s already a fashion thing in Japan, this pandemic has only sped us to the inevitable adoption of it in the West. (I live in Vancouver, and before this March, I could rarely make it through a whole train ride without seeing one person with a patterned surgical mask. That’s going to skyrocket.) Hopefully it brings mori girl fashion with it, not because that’d help in a pandemic, just because it looks nice.

I can’t wait, because I’m sure they’ve figured out in Japan how to design a mask that doesn’t interfere with glasses. Every mask I’ve worn - disposable or otherwise - has made my glasses slide off my ears. It’s probably because I have plastic frames, but still.

eta: Show up to work dressed like this kid.


Apparently costume shops are selling out of Bane masks, which is very funny but also they aren’t effective protection and people should know better.


We should all take these precautionary measures in order to beat this deadly virus. Hopefully we will soon get a vaccine for coronavirus and once again can live our normal lives.

i wish. masks seem to be going quickly out of fashion where i live… sigh.


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