Are hamburgers sandwiches?

I think we can all agree that hamburgers and sandwiches are related, but would you consider “hamburger” to be a subset of "sandwich?

The debate rages on.



Wikipedia states: A hamburger or burger is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat, usually beef, placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun.

Glad we could settle this heated debate.

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Hotdogs are also sandwiches


Hot dogs are indeed sandwiches.

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I’m going to say “yes” and the 100% yes rate above me represents the only truth I will accept (except all the other truths).

Yes, this is also correct.

I fully believe that hamburgers are sandwiches, though I still think if someone said “I know this really good sandwich place” and then took me to a hamburger joint, I’d be frustrated with them.


While not technically wrong that is still disingenuous. Hamburgers are sandwiches but no one actually calls them sandwiches.

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Because “sandwich place” implies a range of sandwich options, not a heavy focus on the burger sandwich sub-category.

But what if it was a really friggin good hamburger?

is a quesadilla a sandwich

This. I also think tacos and hot dogs and even soup in a bread bowl technically constitutes a sandwich when you get particular, but I also think that casual usage has a much more restrictive definition. Classification and living a life are two different worlds.

Technically, sure

I await the great corn vs flour tortilla debate. I am team corn.

Are tacos sandwiches?

Yes. 100% Absolutely. The best sort of sandwich, I’d say.

Dude this is an easy one. Burgers are meat between two pieces of bread. They are a sandwich.

Whether a hot dog is a sandwich is a much harder question because it’s on a split bun.

Subs can also have split buns. And subs are also sandwiches. Therefore Hotdogs are also sandwiches.

Yeah, but there are plenty of sandwich places that serve split-bun style bread and those are definitely still sandwiches.