Are hamburgers sandwiches?

A lobster roll is on a split bun and I would say that is definitely a sandwich.

it’s not what I would expect from the word ‘sandwich’ but I’m not gonna complain

I think the issue is assuming sandwich is the subset of this food category as opposed to the category itself. I think of it like rectangles and squares. A hamburger is a sandwich, but not all sandwiches can be hamburgers.

(this applies to hotdogs too!):smile_cat:

EDIT: even further, no one would call a square a rectangle in normal conversation.

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hamburgers satisfy every requirement that i can think of for sandwichood apart from perhaps culturally being considered “sandwiches”.

I think this tweet is highly relevant:

It’s in a bun, so it’s more like a roll. When I picture sandwiches I picture bread like from a loaf, so I think that roll and sandwich are distinct. I don’t know what the fuck a hot dog is in my schema, a hot dog bun is like a specialised bun or something but it’s not the same and most of the time the bread is bad.

No it is a pie. Also posts have to be at least 15 characters long

Categorically I go the route: All burgers are sandwiches, but not all sandwiches are burgers. But if I’m being real they might as well be separate food stuffs. If I asked for a sandwich and you gave me a reuben, I can’t complain. But if I ask for a sandwich and you give me a burger, I might.

100% agree with Austin’s comment. While I would say a hamburger is a sandwich, if someone said, “lets go get sandwiches” I would never think they were talking about hamburgers. Which is kind of a weird thing.

A burger is a sandwich in the same way hummus is bean dip. In a technical sense but not in spirit.

damn… wasn’t sure if this forum was gonna really get into that gritty, that real shit, that WHY… but I see I have my answer

is this post a sandwich??

It’s about hamburgers in games journalism.

A hamburger is definitely a sandwich but isn’t a pizza kind of like an open face sandwich?? A calzone is definitely a sandwich

I’m sorry, I’ll see myself out.

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Pizza is just an open-faced melt.

yes and i refuse to stay to argue about it

I’m willing to go into neutral territory in either direction, but not both.

Chip butty, absolutely yes. Subway, of course. Hot dog? Hell no.

No, a hamburger is those 3 lines at the top of the page. Does no one else listen to the podcast? Honestly.

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Yes, I would classify a hamburger as a subclass of a sandwich.