Are hot dogs on buns a sandwich? Are corn dogs more portable meat pies?

Meat surrounded by bread with optional condiments = sandwich.

Meat pies are crust and meat, corn dogs are crust and meat just on a stick.

Try to tell me I’m wrong.

No, don’t be ridiculous. A sandwich has two slices of bread. A hotdog bun is just a hotdog bun.

What if one cuts the hotdog bun in half, longways, thereby making it for all intents and purposes two separate slices?

don’t make me turn this thread around

…I hate to say it, but this thread may need to be merged into any one of like seven we had some time ago.

That doesn’t count because it isn’t its intended form. It’s been modified to fit the argument.

Sandwiches imply two separate pieces of bread. Hot dogs are on one roll, therefore are not sandwiches. Pies also imply crust surrounding some sort of filling that conforms to the shape of the crust, not the other way around. The crust on a corn dog takes the shape of the hot dog, which is left intact. It’s a breaded item, akin to fried chicken or a fried Oreo.

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I don’t know, but this thread makes me hungry for both

I don’t know what kind of meat pie you’ve been eating but if they have the same consistency as a corn dog you should see a doctor


Yeah, if that’s the case, then that’s not a meat pie…

What about those hot dogs that use two pieces of bread as a bun?

I mean, they have a million other things wrong with them, but are technically sandwiches at that point?

So you’re saying we should sandwich the threads together?

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I would nev- err… Yes.
We had… a phase, I’d say. It was uhh… well, see for yourself I guess. (No.)

Most relevantly:

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If I offer to bring you a sandwich and return with a hotdog you would not expect that. Hot dog’s aren’t sandwiches. They are hot dogs. I’ll leave this forum right now I swear to God*

*I won’t

Hotdogs are sandwiches and cereal is a soup

I miss the days when I was broke, unemployed, and constantly posting here about sandwiches.

And cereal comes after the milk.

hey jed could you… ummmmmm… delet this??


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What is a corn dog but a cob made of flesh?