Are HOTDOGS sandwiches!?

Look, we all knew this debate would come around sooner or later, so we might as well get it out of the way now. I don’t like this any more than you do, but if we are to be a unified community, we need to lay this issue to bed, ONCE AND FOR ALL


  • Hotdogs are obviously sandwiches, you plebs!
  • Hotdogs are NOT sandwiches, you monsters!

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Has there been a discussion yet where this distinction was important?

These semantics arguments are always just… bad.

I have to land on both sides of this, believing that “technically, sandwich definition calls for two pieces of bread, and the bun is singular unless you’ve broken it, and shame on you.” Also, that you use bread to surround meat and whatever else you like, and it’s functionally identical to a sandwich.

I guess I still land somewhere in the middle. Who cares, why, and can we help them somehow?


The important thing to this random unimportant debate is that the sandwich, from inception, is a means of conveniently delivering a great, messy tasty in a way that is delicious, clean, and more efficient than other means, but putting the best parts in the middle of edible containment.

That’s a hot dog, guys. Earl of Sandwich would approve.

Waypoint is 5% this type of topic. That is 5% too high!!!

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:purple_heart: Hot dogs actually just need to come in from outside, cool off, and drink a little water so they don’t dehydrate :purple_heart:


Also Pop Tarts are sandwiches. Don’t @ me

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A sandwich doesn’t need 2 separate pieces of bread - consider the humble sub

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Discordians don’t partake of hot dog buns, ergo, hot dogs are not sandwiches. Just delicious, meaty tubes.

That depends, are you a prescriptivist or a descriptivist?

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It’s weird to see your SA avatar and think “this guy knows a lot about fighting games - and sandwiches.”

I am a man of many passions. And many sandwiches.

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Yeah, its semantics, but I never took these kinda things very seriously to begin with. I always saw it as a kinda thought experiment, minus cable cars and plus meat and buns.

Also: open-faced sandwiches?

Open faced sandwiches are fake news


You would think Arbys would know a thing or two about sandwiches


Sometimes I forget about my silly username and didn’t consider it until after posting that. :grin: I make no claims to be a sandwich expert™

We’ve… all been there.

Hides forever

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I’m just glad we’recommend getting all of these out of our systems now.
Also a churro is a dessert wrap.

And wraps are also sandwiches.

Open faced sandwiches, or as @jmcrofts asked, sub sandwiches, I imagine, are nearly universally accepted as sandwiches.

It seems like the most functional litmus test would be which direction does understanding fall apart on. (Rather than a flawed rule, which clearly has other exemptions.)

If I offer you a sub, you know what I’m talking about. A sub is understood as a sandwich.
If I offer you a mixed meat cylinder sandwich, I’d get confused or skeptical looks until a hotdog was produced, at which time, the person would likely remark “Oh, a hotdog!”

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Depends on the context.