Are muffins cakes?


Topic title says it all.

Are muffins a kind of cake?


I’ve always thought of them as just a sort of bread, rather than a cake? But I suppose I don’t know.


I would say small cakes, yes! Generally pretty dense cakes though, kind of like fruitcakes.


I mean… muffins are like sweet bread, right? Is bread a cake if it’s sweet?


But they don’t have to be sweet, though.


I wouldn’t consider a muffin a cake, and would be very cross if a person brought me one if I asked for a cake, but I can see the similarities.

I’ve always considered cakes to generally be sweeter than muffins, though I don’t know what’s the cut off point between the two.


I actually know the answer to this! Muffins belong to a family of breads called “quick breads” along with other breads such as pancakes, banana bread, and biscuits. The main distinguishing factor being that they are leavened by something other than yeast or eggs.


They are buns. Muffins are buns.


I’ve always thought banana bread was quite cakey! Biscuits and pancakes I’ve never even imagined being in the same category, especially pancakes since they’re not baked. Interesting. Truly the baking world is a strange and wondrous place.


There is no real answer, because while nailing down the difference between cake and bread is tricky, muffin is even harder. A muffin isn’t really a thing as much as a preparation. You can turn more or less anything into a muffin if you really want. You would never call a loaf of banana bread a muffin even though it’s made from the exact same batter. A muffin is no different than a waffle in that sense as it’s just shape and nothing else.

Now if you really want to blow your mind with baked goods, consider the fact that a cheesecake is actually a pie.



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