Are sandwiches even real?

Pls help determine if “sandwich” is an actual, real thing.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Nothing is real

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Sandwiches are real unlike those “open faced” heathens.

Once everything is a sandwich, then nothing is a sandwich anymore.


Cici N’est Pas Un Sandwich


Sandwiches are a social construct.


How Can Sandwiches Be Real If Our Mouths Aren’t Real


That Is Astute I Do Not Think Sandwich (If Sandwich Is) Can Go On/Near Face.

I have no mouth and i must meme


Our mouths are just tongue sanwiches

Sandwiches eating sandwiches
Ashes to ashes

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What if reality is a sandwich though?

Despite these setbacks, many at Waypoint Forums U. remain optimistic. “I don’t think any of us anticipated this level of contention,” said Lead Researcher robotmayo. “Still, I expect to have a working cladistic by the end of this year, and we are on track to present our ‘Brooklyn Definition of a Sandwich’ in 2018.”

–Additional reporting by AP


is a sandwich real? no. is anything real? no. can sense be made of “sandwich” and what we call “sandwich?” only if you believe in linear time, which is fake

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So far it seems that despite what one may believe, nothing is real, though it may be too soon to say conclusively. It seems the citizens are unsure if they exist or not. Can we please have mod confirmation that nothing is real? @AppleCider

I think at this point it’s just… nihilism about sandwiches. This forum is mostly wishing they didn’t exist, just so discussion of them, or the definition could end.

It’s like that time Oppenheimer put bread on his hand, and said, “I am become sandwich, destroyer of words.”

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So if I follow correctly – you, Anime, are Anime?

That would require that anime is real. That would mean there’s an answer to if anime is bad. That would mean I might be Patrick, or Patrick might be me. (To avoid any sort of accusations of impersonation, I should clarify, I am not Patrick. (But it keeps me up at night. What if Patrick is me?))

Answering that question could shatter worldviews, so I stay away from the answer.

Are sand witches real?

There’s an episode of Run Button guest starring Austin Walker and Jon Davies about The Witness. In it they mention an audio log you can find in the game where a woman says she hates sandwiches. They laugh about it and I laughed along with them when I first heard it but now, I think her comment had a lot of veracity.


I mean…

I’m not going to be the one to start the “Is Gara a sand witch?” thread, but… it feels like a fair question.
(If anime is real, Gara is real. If Gara is real, he’s probably a sand witch. So, to answer your question, yeah.)