Are spoilers a deal breaker for you?


If a game gets spoiled for you, either before you buy it or before you reach the end, do you still feel compelled to see it through to the end? Or do you give up or not bother getting the game period? Spoilers dont matter to me much, but I’ve known some people on the polar opposite end of the spectrum.



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I generally am a believer that “hearing about a game” and “experiencing a game” are two very different things. That being said, I generally only look for spoilers for games that I’m on the fence about playing in the first place. Usually looking for something that might sound interesting about the game or the story that might convince me to play it. I also don’t count looking up puzzle solutions as spoilers.


I don’t usually completely drop a game because of it but it really, really bums me out. The way my brain works it just goes into overdrive analyzing everything that is happening vs whatever the spoiler may be. It takes me out of the experience in a really big way, which really sucks,


I don’t think spoilers have ever quite pushed me from a purchase.

They’ve frustrated me, but sometimes they can, depending on how specific they are I suppose, be really cool.

One of the more recent Permadeath videos put up by Waypoint had an extra heart missing from what I’d seen, as an example. My immediate reaction was “dang, I know what happens,” before realizing I had no idea what happens. It became suspenseful. I knew what was coming, but not where from, or how, or when. Every single interaction where death was possible became super thrilling.

(The closest I’ve ever been has probably been watching TellTale games on streams sometimes? But if I check my library, I’ve ended up owning and playing almost all of those anyways. (TWD on Steam and PS4, Tales from the Borderlands on Steam and PS4.))


nah. in fact i like to sometimes look up things about entertainment before I engage with it. i have no idea why im like this


It had not occurred to me that someone would just stop going through/playing/etc a story if it was spoiled.

I generally prefer to know less rather than more going into things, because I like them as the text, so unless I’m really on the fence about something then I’ll read reviews/crit after enjoying them for myself. But if I do find out something then that’s just something I know going in and one less puzzle but there’s still everything else left. Sometimes I’ve been on the fence about a movie and read a review that spoils it in order to do a proper job of critiquing the movie but that’s ok and if I’d not watched the review and become slightly interested then I’d probably have not bothered so the spoiler was part of the package that caused me to give it a go.

Sometimes I’ll have already decided I don’t want to play a game or watch a TV series any more and will quickly look through the plot synopsis to just get a very surface level understanding of where it went. But I’m already committing to not going on before I reach for the spoilers there.


I don’t like running into spoilers for the things I’m interested in, but it’s rarely something that will make me not want to check a game/movie/show/whatever out. To me the context surrounding the spoiler, the way the situation is framed and written, the buildup that’s supposed to make me care about the “huge spoiler” will still have an impact on me when done right.

A good example was how I knew about the part in Madoka Magica where Mami just can’t seem to get a head in life. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t it was going to happen so abruptly, and I still got a little squeamish during that scene despite it being entirely bloodless. The scene still affected me despite knowing it was coming. Still, I’d prefer not to hear spoilers when I can, as I do like the feeling of finding things out on my own (like most of the other major twists in Madoka, for example).


Some times a movie will start really stressing me out and I will discreetly look up the plot on wikipedia when no ones looking.


Most of the time I know that I can’t afford to buy the big game everyone is talking about and spoiling. Because of that, I don’t care at all really. I listened to the Nier: Automata spoilercast because hearing the people on that podcast talk about that game is more valuable to me than waiting for the day I can actually buy and play the game myself.

On the times that a major part of the game was spoiled to me and I end up playing it later, I find that it still doesn’t ruin the experience. I played INSIDE for the first time recently, and I loved playing that game despite knowing about the ending sequence.

The only excepting to this was Undertale, which I bought the day it came out because I had been following it prior to release for a while and knew that game would be very story-focused and catch a lot of people’s attention.


Spoilers will often push me from being interested in a game to actually buying it.

I also find that watching a stream/LP feels quite a bit more ‘distant’ from actually playing a game, so those also get me more invested in actually playing games.


I do this all the time. I’m also really bad with putting a name to a face, so I’ll be looking at IMDB/Wiki while watching a show and accidentally get spoiled just by the casting pages.


I like to be spoiled on games I’m on the fence with before buying them. If being spoiled on the story is enough for me to lose motivation to play then I didn’t really want to play it enough to spend my money.


It’s kinda loosened up with games in the age of streaming, but I have for sure seen some ridiculous hard line stances when it comes to game spoilers. Perhaps because its a $60 investment and some people want to wring every drop of enjoyment they can out of it for that price.


Nope. Trying to preserve some arbitrary sanctity of the experience lost all meaning for me a long time ago. More interesting to me these days is having to navigate other people’s personal rules on the matter.


For AAA games, I will go out and look shit up, because if I pay $60+ for a game and get something fuckin’ terrible because I didn’t do any looking into whether or not it had things that would upset or trigger me, I’mma be pissed.


i absolutely also do this


The last time I did this was with Batman v. Superman because I wanted to see if any of the leaks were true and also because it was a miserable movie to watch


No…well…not totally. I do think it’s more about the journey and blah blah blah, but I get kinda obsessive about narrative. Once I see a spoiler my brain will home in on and taunt itself with that little detail until it comes up. And I usually don’t feel great about it once the story beat passes. I’m also a pretty anxious person in general and it feeds into that.

It won’t stop me from buying a game/movie/book, but it will significantly affect my enjoyment of that thing.


It all depends on what it is and what my personal investment in the story is. It’s hard for me to summarize, so here are some examples:

  • I did not care and will never care about spoilers for Street Fighter V’s story mode. I could care less what happens in it, I just play the game for the mechanics.
  • I want to eventually get around to watching Iron Fist because I’m apparently a masochist (or just looking forward to Defenders), but I looked at a pretty thorough synopsis of the first season once I found out just how bad it is (through second and first hand experience). I’ll still watch it eventually, but I’m comfortable knowing the story beats of the plot.
  • Any play I go to, especially if it’s a play that’s hard to follow due to the language used (Shakespeare, for a common example), I’ll spoil the whole plot for myself beforehand. This allows me to focus more on the performance than just the plot itself.
  • Weirdly enough, I find stories that I am heavily invested in the lore of to have plots that I rarely care if I spoil. Warcraft, for example, is a series I’ve been invested in since the early 90s, but I’m all over those story leaks, book synopsises, and PTR spoilers.
  • With most stories, I sit at kind of a level where I don’t care if people talk about story beats as long as the main big twists and reveals stay unspoiled. Anything that happens on Hoth in Empire Strikes back? Fine. The cloud city? Cool! Luke seeking Yoda to train as a Jedi? That’s rad. Who Darth Vader is? That’s too far.
  • Having a story spoiled that relies on carefully maintaining a very specific emotional state for those experiencing it can be a huge deal breaker though. Knowing who dies in Danganronpa removes all of the tension that you feel as you progress the plot. Knowing who Keyser Söze removes the mystery and unwinds the thread of the whole story. Hell, even just knowing the twist in something like Yuri On Ice that changes your perspective on characters and their motivations significantly can be a dealbreaker (and ultimately was for this last example).
  • On the severe side of the spectrum, I would have cut anyone who spoiled anything about Persona 5 before I played it.