Are the 2000's Retro?


I heard this song in like Power Gig and was hoping never to hear it again. :frowning:


The really interesting thing about the early 00s is that most of the media from that era is viewable now easily in some form, there’s still films and shit I can watch with the press of a button on Netflix and the music is all streamable and whatnot. Pop culture in the advent of fast, popular internet certainly changed things vs. those of us who were teens in the 90s.

But I’m not ready for my college years to be “retro” yet. Cmon.


So ready for that ps1 aesthetic comeback it’s killing me


Already kinda is in alt-game scenes, which use similar graphical styles, though they also break apart their very core to create very, VERY different games than anything else out there.


The start and end of, say, the 60s were different things too, the same way as the start and end of the '00s bleed into the decades around it. Any “retro decade” is really the same way - the 2000s definitely had an aesthetic, but we’re probably too close in time to distinguish the fine details of how we’re going to categorise the 2000s compared to the 2010s at the moment.


This. There’s Back in 1995 on Steam which is meant to be like an early PSX horror game, complete with tank controls and terrible polygon graphics.


I think this hits on the head and is why I don’t see it as retro myself - we’re not far enough removed to see how different things are. I would argue that flip phones are the only immediate thing (even with the rise of the iPhone in the late 00’s, smartphones and apps in our pockets didn’t really take root until 2010, 2011).


I think the term “retro” is kind of complex and needs more distance with certain things. But I think the retrospective aesthetic of the early 2000s is starting to crystallize.


yeah, check out this game that’s coming out in a week:


That era of NBA jerseys was very bad.

Late 90s early was a dark time for design in general. CAD made everything so much easier that people lost all restraint. Think of the Warrior’s rebrand or all the ‘updated’ designs in the NHL. Most of those teams have gone back to the much simpler classic designs. Today’s clean and extremely flat design a reaction against that craziness. It mirrors architectural trends in the early 20th century in a lot of ways. Mass-production allowed for the over the top ornamentation of the Beaux-arts. Then Bauhaus came around with it radically simple designs as a reaction to that. When something becomes easy it can become fashionable to not overuse it.

This is what happens when I drink wine and post on this forum


Interesting point…but no, not yet. I think we need to get to 2020 before 2000s gets retro.


tbh anything pre-9/11 is retro in that it was a different world