Are there any artists or groups you wish more people knew about?


For a while I’ve been in to The Flashbulb, an incredibly talented one-man show who creates these beautiful, complex, multi-layered live and electronic albums. I’ve got a bit of a tough time categorizing the work exactly, because every album is a little different. Right now I’m listening to Love as a Dark Hallway, an energizing not-quite-rock, not-quite-jazz album that always lifts my spirits. The same artist put out this really incredible IDM album, and this soundtrack to a movie I have wanted to see made forever. He’s not exactly unknown, but we’re squarely in five-digit listeners territory for most of his albums He did a small tour last year or the year before and it was incredible, a lot of it was a mix of him DJ-ing and playing guitar and occaisionally singing with the other tracks backing him. Really beautiful show, really good energy.

Give him a listen and maybe share your favorite relatively-unknown artist or band.


Richard Dawson is a brilliant, really proggy, really psychedelic, freak folk musician. Put out, easily, the most underrated album of 2017, Peasant.

If you like the Incredible String Band, Comus, or stuff like that, absolutely check him out


By The End Of Tonight. Absolute fucking legendary band and yet nobody ever talks about them. They have a bunch of albums and they’re all pretty different but its all extremely good (i think also all on spotify?)

Also, Meet Me In St Louis who wrote literally a perfect album and then disbanded. Mid Thorax might be the best opener to an album ever.


I am really out of touch so I don’t know how obscure they actually are, but no one I talk to in real life has heard of A Giant Dog and they are the only rock band in ten years that’s gotten me really excited. Their last album Toy was not their best, but the previous one, Pile, is basically a perfect album and their live shows are really amazing.


Dance Gavin Dance, hands down.
I thought progressive post-hardcore was lost to me forever until I found out about this band last year.
Their next album is coming out in a few weeks and I am dying.


Last year my partner somehow discovered A Giant Dog, then immediately bought Pile and told me to download it. I can confirm it’s real good.


I will always always always give a shutout to Whitetail. They are a fantastic artist who does great work. For those who enjoyed “Them’s Fightin’ Herds” they collaborated on the soundtrack on that as well.


Not sure how well known they are over here, but Korean indie rock group Hyukoh is one of my current favorites:

Their sound is all over the place and I love it.


I have been lucky enough to see Richard Dawson a couple of times this year living in his home city of Newcastle, and he is one of the most incredible live performers I have ever seen.


I’m not sure if he counts as an “artist” since he only does covers, but I really hope Skatune Network gets a million subscribers one day.


This is very enjoyable and very much My Thing :slight_smile:


this is awful. i love it


oh man, i remember many years ago when this dude made waves when he created an account on a certain very pink site and uploaded his own albums there! he made thousands of fans, and his releases stood at the top of the most-downloaded albums of all-time, which was saying a fucking lot when he was up against literally every other band in the world. I’m pretty sure he started with Soundtrack to a Vacant Life, which still sits in my music folder to this day. Great musician.


I’ll always go to bat for Algiers. Hell, they could be the biggest act in the world and I’d still say they’re underrated. They’re this weird mish-mash of different genres ranging from punk, to gospel, to post-punk, to 60’s-era soul, to industrial. They also have some of the angriest, most pointed, most unambiguously left-leaning lyricism in their songs. Take, for instance, Irony, Utility, Pretext – a track that confronts the oppression inherent with Western interventionism in the Global South.

Or this one spitting in the face of contemporary systemic racism.

And, because they’re a contemporary band that’s explicitly political, here’s their song about Donald Trump and his supporters. It goes hard.

Also worth mentioning that they are just phenomenal live. The concert of theirs I went to had, maybe, 30 people in attendance, and every last person was beyond excited just to be there.


My contribution is this: Propagandhi

It always feels like the people with whom I speak who are familiar with Canadian punk band Propagandhi only ‘remember’ them. As in, “oh yeah, I used to listen to them,” or “Less Talk More Rock was the soundtrack to my teen years!” and shit like that. It’s rare that I encounter someone who listens to them NOW, who knows their latest records, and it’s a fucking shame because it’s my opinion that Propagandhi has been making some of the most vital, important, clear-eyed rock music in the entire world over the last decade. They’ve not just “gotten better with age”. They’ve grown exponentially more powerful and visceral with age, and their lyrics have risen from “fantastic punk lyrics” to social critique so emotional and cutting that I sometimes laugh with disbelief upon first hearing them.

Their early work is anywhere from simplistic to outright embarrassing contrasted against everything that has come since Potemkin City Limits, and that’s saying a lot considering “A Speculative Fiction”, a 2005 song about the forceful expulsion of United States interests from Canada, won them a Canadian songwriting award.

Here are some songs, lyrics attached:

'Victory Lap' lyrics

'Dear Coach's Corner' lyrics

'Comply/Resist' lyrics


got to see him just as Peasant dropped in London last year, an absolutely stunning show x


I don’t know if he’s toured much outside Europe but as soon as he hits Canada, I’m going


i’ve gotten super into Escapism Refuge, his debut album was pretty strong imo. They’re a really strong chill out listen with good beats and super good at evoking a mood. I do sets at my school’s college radio late at night and he’s been seeing pretty heavy rotation, haha. I’m honestly kinda excited to see where his music goes.


I really enjoyed Ultraista, an album from Ultraista the group. I don’t know how unknown they are, but I really like their music. Here is a song from them:


This hits me closely because Skating Polly is fantastic, they’re in town tonight, but I’m at work all night and I won’t be able to see them because of that. They’re from Oklahoma, composed of three step-siblings and they put out an album last month. Kelli, who tends to do lead vocals, has a really good sort of Cobain style to her voice that shines through emotionally in most of their songs -