Are there any artists or groups you wish more people knew about?


The Great Discord are a fantastic prog metal band with a gothy black metal aesthetic that I love. I wish they were far more popular than they currently are.


//cw suicide later in the post

gonna drop a few personal favourites here beyond my the widespread critical darlings who still aren’t super known (Deerhunter, Lee Gamble, Andy Stott are the ones that come to mind)

Joan Bibiloni is a pretty old Spanish funk / dance fusion musician who’s back catalogue has slowly been rereleased over the last few years. There are some absolute gems in there - one of my favourites has this amazing live version

HTRK is a two piece post-punky electronic pop act who make some of the most devastatingly dark and noxious stuff I know. Sadly they lost their bassist to suicide before their last album, Psychic 9-5 Club, which has a dry, desolate sound, some nasty and depressed lyrics and beautiful songwriting. Love the opening track.

And a really personal one - Post Louis, the band my sister fronts, her partner song writes, and help I produce. I honestly think they’ve come up with some amazing stuff.

This new track’s on the post-punkier end. Got a lot of love for it.


Botanist is a one-man Black Metal band that uses a hammered dulcimer as a major instrument and writes songs mainly about plant anatomy and plants rising up and destroying humanity. Its a very specific aesthetic that I am all sorts of into.


More people should listen to Forth Wanderers


I hadn’t heard of July Talk before last year, but thanks to the game Loud on Planet X, they’re one of my new favorites.


I was going to post Skating Polly on here if nobody else did. Thank you!


I spent some time trying to sell Adult Jazz to this thread, but, honestly, I think the reason I love them so much is simply because they’re… Me as hell. Their brand of indulgent artsy gay indie… pop? ticks so many of my personal preference boxes.

Neologisms? Check. Bizarre rhythms and weirdo compositions? Check. Blend of acoustic instruments and electronics? Check. Stellar lyrics about gender and sexuality and spirituality and how those intertwine? Check.

Gist Is is their highlight, IMO. Some people compare it to Alt-J, but Alt-J never got me to listen to them and only them for a month straight, so I don’t like that comparison. Anyway, I hope I didn’t oversell them, but I feel like every AJ fan is similar levels of “HOW DID I EXIST BEFORE THIS?”

Here’s probably their most accessible song:

and here’s their best song IMO. If you’ve got the patience and palate for a dreamy 9-minute song, then enjoy:

and if you’re more into disco-y dance tracks, they also did that once:


I wish more people appreciated Chumbawamba, beyond the obvious ‘TubThumping’ song? Or even knew about them beyond that? When they were anarchists well before this shitty Brexit country.

Best song is “Rappaport’s Testament: I Never Gave Up”, or: Less Tub Thumping…


Metric remains my favorite band, you may know them as the artist behind Black Sheep in Scott Pilgrim but they’re so much more and have a new album releasing soon.


My all-time favorite band is the post-hardcore band The Receiving End of Sirens. They only released two albums in the mid 2000s but they’re IMO some of the best work in the genre. Casey Crescenzo was one of the vocalists before he went on to be much more successful with his side project The Dear Hunter who people may have heard of.

Their music is full of really cool complex rhythms and instrumental/vocal harmonies. Here’s some of my favorite songs:


I found out about them late last year and fell in love real quick.