Are there any lesser known 2019 games that you're currently anticipating?

There are quite a good few that I am very interested. The first one is The Occupation, I remember reading about it in Edge and it’s been hovering on the edge of my mind ever since. A stealth adventure set in one incredibly detailed location, sounds promising to me!

Then there is Night Call, a visual novel style game where you play as a taxi driver in Paris trying to stop a serial killer. It looks moody, cold and I can’t wait to play it.

Then Boyfriend Dungeon oh dear lord boyfriend dungeon I’'ve never been so ready to play a game and be unapologetically horni about it oh god look at how amazing it looks

The World Next Door is a game I’m purposfully trying to keep myself ignorant about, it seems like it’s going to be something really special.

I am very, very excited for this year in games. I think this year is going to be really good for narrative games, mystery games and, very excitedly, for RPGs.


I love this thread…some great stuff here that I wasn’t aware of (especially Afterparty!).

@Navster I’m glad you mentioned Get in the Car, Loser! It looks fantastic. When I first heard about the game I thought it was already out and rushed to buy it only to find it was still in development. I’ve been eyeing it ever since.

Also, I know it’s not really “lesser known” these days, but just so I can type it again: Disco Elysium. I just joined their Discord because I’m frothing for a release date for that game and I don’t do things like that. It’s the first game in a while I’ve been super excited to get my hands on.


Vlambeer will likely announce and release their new game this year. They did some sort of sneak announcement at some convention but I don’t think a title or concept or screens really got out there? But Nuclear Throne is a favourite of mine, so I’m looking forward to whatever will come next.


I came here to post Nykra! I played a demo of it earlier this year and it’s got such a rich sense of atmosphere, I cannot wait for it. Also it’s a Kiwi dev so, y’know, hometown pride


Mineko’s Night Market! The game looks so charming and CATS.


Anyone remember UFO 50?

“Coming 2018”


I find myself playing less and less stuff on PC but I will ditto Eastshade and add, perhaps not so lesser known, Ooblets, both of which I hope find their way to consoles I own.

Ooblets here:


Etrian Odyssey Nexus for the 3ds, Slay the Spire for the Switch, and there’s also an upcoming Japanese developed game about a prince who runs a dungeon as a theme park and hires this guy with an afro to run it, the name escapes me.


Code Vein is anime vampire dark souls°. If you need more information than that, it’s probably not for you.

° in fact, I forgot the name and googled “anime dark souls” and it brought up a bunch of Code Vein trailers.


I’m looking forward to Sea of Solitude and I haven’t seen it on any lists so I assume it’s a lesser known 2019 game.


I mean it has Akiko Shikata for the trailer, so… that has made me want to check into it a bit. Guess it came out in Japan last year.


I actually heard about this earlier but forgot it was coming out, thanks for reminding me its good to see someone suggest another Souls like on this list.

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I am all in for wizard schools (that don’t push centrist agendas). Every once in a while I want to get into Magician’s Quest on Nintendo DS again, which was an Animal Crossing clone with magic. Unfortunately, that particular entry was part of a running series and didn’t really explain how to play, so I could never get into it, and then it didn’t sell enough to ever be localized again. Please let these games deliver on my wizard dreams.

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Congrats man, you can officially claim to have been one of the few people who liked Untitled Goose Game before it was crowned god-emperor of memes.

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Funcom’s putting out a Secret World spinoff horror walking sim set on Mars that sounds like a perfectly wonderful weekend game. It’s out Tuesday and it’s a shame they didn’t go with their original plan to release on Halloween.

From this day forth I demand to be known as the Goose Hipster.