Are there any lesser known games that you’re currently anticipating PART 2: The New Consoles Strikes Back

So a while back I made a thread about lesser-known upcoming games

But with next-gen Consoles around the corner, I say its sequel Time BAYBEEEE!!! This time asking if there are any lesser-known upcoming late 2020 and 2021 games you’re all currently anticipating. The type of games that probably won’t be next-generation graphical powerhouses, won’t have massive advertising budgets, and won’t appear on most anticipated lists but may offer fun times. I’ll start first by saying mine is Adios, a game about a pig farmer who’s tired of using his pigs to dispose of dead bodies for the mob

It comes from one Doc Burford who wrote Paratopic, helped write Hardspace: Shipbreaker, and who also wrote two articles for this site. I’m a fan of his work though even if I wasn’t, the base premise of, pig farmer whose tired of feeding dead bodies to pigs for the mob, would be interesting enough to draw me in.

So please if there are any interesting lesser-known upcoming games, you’re interested in and want to share please do, I’m really looking for anything that exists in the space between double AA and indie games. For really, if your someone who is critical of the AAA games sphere and where it’s going, why not take the time to share and help bring attention to the games that are trying to exist outside the AAA games sphere.


So this may not be as lesser known as some others, but I’m real excited for Radio the Universe, a Kickstarter game that’s been in development for eight years and is set to release this winter. The dev (who goes by 6e6e6e; I think they’re just one person) has been releasing updates rarely but consistently, like a few a year, and it seems to be taking a similar approach to Zelda-like gameplay as Hyper Light Drifter, which is one of my all-time favorites. Except the atmosphere and setting here feels less overgrown post-apocalypse and more sci-fi/dystopian, grimier and more industrial/urban, which is very much my thing. All in all, it’s one of those rare cases where something I never expected to be finished seems like it’ll actually be real fairly soon.


Thanks, I honestly didn’t know about this game until you linked it. Which I think is a big part of the point of this thread.

I wrote some impressions down on some games I played during the Xbox Demo Festival, and a lot of them are definitely on my radar:

I’m particularly looking forward to playing the full versions of Cristales, Haven, Road to Guangdong, and The Vale!


Right now one of my most anticipated games is Art Of Rally. It’s the next driving game from the creator of Absolute Drift, an extremely stylish and surprisingly difficult top-down drifting sim from a few years back.

There’s a demo up on itch, and judging from that it seems like Art of Rally really is doing for rally was Absolute Drift did for drifting, in that its providing a stylish and chill and rewarding experience while also managing to be a really difficult simulator if you want to dig into it. Very excited to see how it turns out.


Some games that I know about, or have played in some cases, and am looking forward to include:

Acid Knife, which contains dingy, melting environments and tense but clumsily tactile combat.

Critters for Sale, a surreal and irreverent adventure set across multiple timelines and realities. The visual strength of this game is undersold by the screenshots. This game is as much of a stylish marvel as it is a quietly unsettling horror to behold in motion.

Paradise Killer, where you solve a murder mystery in an astronomically high concept universe. Every single character in this game is in contention for a non-existent The Most Ostentatiously Named NPC In A Game award.

Petal Crash, a puzzle game with a retro aesthetic and cute character designs. It has a theme song that evokes 90s Eurodance and Euro House, otherwise known as “extremely large Sonic R OST vibes”.

Demon Turf, a modern 3D platformer with flat 2D character models. Appears to have a photo mode for field photography and selfies.

UFO 50, as it contains at least 49 more games than anything else I’ve mentioned.


Loved the previous topic so I’m excited for folks to point to some more upcoming games! None of these are obscure, but here’s some of the games I’m looking forward to that haven’t been mentioned yet:

Cloud Gardens. As someone who’s enjoying Townscaper and who for some reason especially likes contained, scenic landscapes and dioramas (like Mountain, Islands, Captain Toad etc) this looks right up my alley.

I Am Dead. From the creators of Wilmot’s Warehouse. Looks very striking and the premise of a colorful Frog Detective-looking afterlife tickles me.

Unpacking. I just really like playing the mundane.

Garden Story. This looks like the cute, vapid, chill game that I’ll play religiously for a while, and I mean that in the best possible way.

Tactical Breach Wizards. Love to tactic.

Minute of Islands. It’s a puzzle platformer which makes me cautious, but I like the aesthetics.

Spiritfarer. As the description says, it’s a “cozy management game about dying”.

Welcome to Elk. An adventure game about people’s stories. There’s some CWs listed in the steam page, so head’s up!

Shadows of Doubt. An open-ended detective game set in a simulated city.


I’ve been waiting for Eitr for five years now.

Boyfriend Dungeon also has the planned release date of “when weapons are beautiful enough.”


I have no idea if all of these are lesser known, since Waypoint is basically the only gaming community I regularly interact with, but they’re all smaller games I’m anticipating.

Cantata is a cool game that I can’t seem to describe properly. A 4X Advance Wars? It kind of reminds me of the tropes standard in RTS, but brought to TBS and with some rad art direction.

Brace Yourself Games is one of my all-time favourite indie studios, and also, any game that has mechs or is a tactical RPG is going to interest me. So I basically want nothing more than Phantom Brigade, which looks good as hell on top of all those other things.

Super Lesbian Animal RPG has some of the nicest pixel art I have seen in years, especially for the environments. It’s also an RPG where most of the battle screen is enemy sprites, ala Earthbound or the old Dragon Quest, which is a super niche thing that I care a lot about. There’s a demo out, too.

The Sims has hideous monetisation and lacks the kind of customisation I crave. I end up modding it to hell for incredibly minor things like ‘a rug in this particular shade of blue’. So I’m eager to see what Paralives brings to the table, a table you can - by the looks of the trailer - adjust in all sorts of little ways. You can pick your cabinet handles! That’s gameplay, baby.

The creator of The Shrouded Isle, which I liked, is making a mystery game that sounds like something I’ve been wanting. Lucifer Within Us is about gathering and looking at information, and trying to solve a mystery - it’s not linear, it doesn’t rely on passing mini games or anything. It seems like it’ll be tough to pull off, but damn, if it succeeds, I’m probably going to love it.

Snacko is a farming sim where you play as a cat.


I think the only thing on my radar right now with an actual release date is the English release of 13 Sentinels.

Breath of the Wild-like Genshin Impact will probably come out this year but I don’t think there’s a concrete date yet, and I’ll need to see more about how gacha-y the gacha system in it is.

ANNO: Mutationem showed some more stuff last month but is still largely TBA afaik.

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Just played the demo for Art of Rally and I am smitten. That high chase camera is brilliant and completely removes the need for a navigator, and after a single run I was getting a handle on the game’s squirrelly driving model. This could really be something special!


I don’t know if I have any like obscure-obscure games on my radar.

But Haven looks really cool. There’s so few games that depict healthy adult relationships, I don’t understand why that is. Those two look adorable together and they do really cool JRPG shit in space.

Also I will always be waiting for Tunic, which is still my most-anticipated game. Cute fox Zelda. I need it badly.


I don’t know that it has a release date, but I’ve been utterly enamoured with Skate Story since first coming across it back in February.

I’m a thousand percent here for crystalline skateblokes tearing their way into oblivion.

Also, obvs, my Jet Set Radio Future obsessed ass is hyped as hell for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. If it can hit those JSR notes as hard as its trailer claims, this’ll be something pretty damn special.


Patrick’s Parabox is like the one non Hollow Knight game I’m actually pretty hyped for.


I’m so happy to see other people excited for a ton of these games! So excited about a lot of these.

But you know? There’s one thing missing…




I’ll add what’s all in my steam wishlist 10 games from my Steam wishlist that have a 2020 release date and move onto other platforms more in later posts.

All games have a trailer on the steam page. I’ll post ones that don’t in said later posts.

(She Dreams Elsewhere is also coming out on and Xbox One)

(INMOST is also coming to Switch)

(Omno is also coming to PS4 & Switch)

(Best Friend Forever is also coming to & Switch)

(Skellboy is also coming to Switch)

(Arietta of Spirits is also coming to

(Ever Forward also coming to, Xbox One, PS4, & Switch)


Okay well never mind what I said about not having dates, I guess.

Here for more in my steam wishlist and added what other platforms they’re available on.

(LAZR also coming to, Switch, PS[4/5], Vita(!))

(When the Past was Around also coming to, Switch, PS4, & Xbox One)

(Coromon also coming to iOS & Android)

(Ponpu also coming to PS4, Xbox One, & Switch)

(Flynn: Son of Crimson is also coming to

(Alchemic Cutie is also coming to, Switch, PS4, & Xbox One)

(Get in the Car Loser is also coming out on
EDIT: posted Ever Forward twice.

(Cyber Shadow is also coming out on Xbox One, PS4, & Switch)

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Some of these games might be coming to a console or two, but still this thread does show how much fun stuff you miss by not having a PC.


Fuck it, I’ll just post the rest I have on my steam wishlist.

(Ary and the Secret of Seasons is also coming out on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One)

(Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 is also coming out on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One)

(Mineko’s Night Market is also coming out on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One)

(Smelter is also coming out on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One)
(Caution: Smelter is being published by Dangen Entertainment)

(Star Renegades is also coming out on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One)

(Tamarin is also coming out on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One)

(Twelve Minutes is also coming out on Xbox One)

(Curse of the Dead Gods is also coming out on PS4 and Xbox One)

(Maquette is also coming out on PS4 and PS5)

(Fugl is also coming out on

(Going Under is also coming out on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One)

(Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is also coming out on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One)